Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Why you can’t stay on track

Tuesday Tip: Why you can’t stay on track 😬

Sometimes it just seems like whatever you do you can’t stay on track or stick to the ‘diet’ doesn’t it? I see this so often with my clients. They start the week well but then something throws them off and it all goes pear shaped. Very often it comes down to one main reason – the all or nothing mindset.

You set yourself unrealistic expectations that can’t be achieved. You view every week as a new week to be ‘perfect’ and as soon as anything disrupts that you fall totally off the wagon and decide there’s no point doing anything. Common examples I see are things like exercising excessively every day, cutting out food groups or types of foods (sweet things / carbs etc), or skipping meals/fasting. Or you restrict yourself all week and then get to the weekend and all bets are off – either you totally give up because ‘there’s no way I could track this’ or you under estimate what you’re having at social events etc.

So what can you do instead?
Well I often talk about trying to ditch this idea of having to be perfect. You don’t need to be – what you do need to do is not give up when something disrupts the plans. You’re going to get much better results being imperfectly consistent 7 days a week than being perfect for a few days then jacking it in all the time.

So instead of waiting to start again on a Monday and going all guns blazing instead start right now. Ask yourself what small change you could make today that would get you closer to your goals. Make it a change that you could stick to even on the worst day. So for example it might be simply to track your calories – you can do this – even when you’re over your target you can still track! It might be to eat veggies every day etc. It might be to either have a starter or a dessert if you eat out – not both etc.

Making small changes you can stick to every day will get you better and faster results than the all or nothing mindset. Something is always better than nothing – even if that something isn’t perfect!

Happy Tuesday 🤗

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