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My name is Nancy and I’m an ex-university lecturer and researcher with over 6 years experience in the fitness industry. I have a level 3 diploma in Personal Training, and offer online and 1 – 1 and 1-2 face-to-face training from Body Fusion. Sessions are client-focused and tailored precisely to each client’s needs. I use up to date research on sports science and nutrition to offer clients the best possible chance of success. Sessions are fun, friendly and supportive. It’s not just about ‘beasting you’ – I offer full support between sessions on both exercise and healthy eating for the whole package. My clients range from 18 – 80, men and women, post and ante natal, post surgery/injury rehab, weight loss, fitness and just general health improvement. I’ve been there myself and have been on my own fitness journey (see below) so I understand the challenges first hand. As well as PT I teach group exercise classes in local gyms across Surrey – teaching spin, pump, attack, bodystep,  sh’bam (dance), aqua etc.

This site has my articles, recipes and tips, as well as info about ways I can help you get fit, and have fun doing it!

If you’d like to know more about my own journey then do have a read of my story and if you want to get in touch then do drop me a line!

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Nancy 🙂


A number of people at the Nuffield Leatherhead gym had told me about Nancy`s classes and how good they were so I tried them myself and that is how I first got to know her. I then started reading her blog and was very impressed with her scientific and factual approach to weight and fat loss and in particular how she had achieved a huge change in her own life by following these principles. Whilst I had a healthy BMI ( just about) I knew I was carrying more fat around my middle than I should. And I also knew that I was eating too much although I managed to justify it to myself on the grounds that I was eating “ healthy” food.

I decided to download My Fitness Pal and set myself a calorie target, more out of curiosity than anything else, and realised after a couple of weeks that I had lost about 1kg. I then decided to enlist Nancy`s help online. It didn`t take me too long to work out that I was eating more than I needed to and that I was making meals into major events, carrying on eating even when I wasn`t hungry. I found it very important to work out “ how” I was eating too much and “why” I was doing it. The discipline of having to send Nancy my weight and measurements every week was very helpful as I knew I couldn`t cheat. Over a 20 week period, I lost about 8 kg and about 6% of bodyfat.

Nancy is incredibly supportive and motivating. She makes it abundantly clear that when it comes to weight and fat loss, food is fuel and calories are calories – there is no need for fad diets or omission of food groups. Nancy also encourages you to think about making changes to your food intake that are sustainable in the long term – she doesn`t expect you to cut out things that you really enjoy but instead makes you view them as part of your overall calorie intake.

Nancy was always available to answer questions and comment on any particular issue I had. Most importantly, her approach has instilled in me a different approach to food and as a result I have not lapsed into bad habits!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nancy. I couldn`t have done it without her.

Alison Johns Online Pt, 5 months, 2019

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Nancy. I couldn`t have done it without her. “

I stupidly bought a wedding dress that didn’t quite do up with the plan to lose weight, I tried on my own for about 4 months of exercise and ‘healthy’ eating (aka massive portions of low calorie food). I was so deflated when all of my efforts weren’t working and took the plunge to find a personal trainer. I had previously been to a couple of classes that Nancy had taken and thought I’d get in touch. I just needed something to help me start shifting the weight and Nancy was that something.

I was very nervous before my first class with her, petrified of doing the photos and felt very unfit. I didn’t need to feel nervous at all, Nancy immediately put me at ease. She is lovely, so positive and friendly, despite me thinking I was going to collapse during my first session with her, I really enjoyed it.

Motivation wasn’t my problem at all, I had oodles of that with a wedding looming and a dress that didn’t yet fit but direction was what I needed. Nancy was able to guide me with nutrition and exercise advise and the cms dropped off so quickly. I can’t believe how I had struggled so much for months on my own and by the time we did our first set of measurements there had been massive changes. Why did I not do this earlier.

It wasn’t big changes, I didn’t spend any longer in the gym that I previously had been, the difference was what I did when I was there. Nutrition was a huge factor, I had already changed what I had been eating to have ‘healthy’ meals however I didn’t understand calories particularly well (despite being a hospital doctor). My Fitness Pal was so helpful and very easy to use. It just became 2nd nature to log anything when I ate it. Even if I’d had a bad day I would still log it. Nancy never judged any of the choices I made but she would give helpful hints as to how to stay on the right path and with the results I was seeing and feeling it was pretty easy to stay on track. I felt better than I had in years. I knew Nancy was always at the end of a message if I needed help or I was struggling and I knew that her beady eyes would be checking up on My Fitness Pal so it would keep me going.

The one-on-one PT sessions were always very varied and fun and we had a good chance to catch up on life but also nutrition and gym sessions I’d do outside of the PT sessions.

I had a number of obstacles over the 8 months I spent with Nancy, a change in job meant a huge change in routine and not being able to go to the gym before work, I had a 2 exams which meant all of my free time was spent revising and when people suggest ‘fueling the brain’ I would have to make very sensible choices.

I managed to lose and incredible amount of cms and fitted into the dress! I felt amazing on my wedding day and that is thanks to Nancy.

I plan on using the techniques she has taught me to keep me on track and maybe even losing a few more cms.

Jenny Hawkins, face to face PT,  April – Dec 2018


“I managed to lose and incredible amount of cms and fitted into the dress! I felt amazing on my wedding day and that is thanks to Nancy”