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My name is Nancy and I’m an ex-university lecturer and researcher with over 6 years experience in the fitness industry. I have a level 3 diploma in Personal Training, and offer online and 1 – 1 and 1-2 face-to-face training from Body Fusion. Sessions are client-focused and tailored precisely to each client’s needs. I use up to date research on sports science and nutrition to offer clients the best possible chance of success. Sessions are fun, friendly and supportive. It’s not just about ‘beasting you’ – I offer full support between sessions on both exercise and healthy eating for the whole package. My clients range from 18 – 80, men and women, post and ante natal, post surgery/injury rehab, weight loss, fitness and just general health improvement. I’ve been there myself and have been on my own fitness journey (see below) so I understand the challenges first hand. As well as PT I teach group exercise classes in local gyms across Surrey – teaching spin, pump, attack, bodystep,  sh’bam (dance), aqua etc.

This site has my articles, recipes and tips, as well as info about ways I can help you get fit, and have fun doing it!

If you’d like to know more about my own journey then do have a read of my story and if you want to get in touch then do drop me a line!

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Nancy 🙂


I’m a mid forties guy, who has the usual challenges we all do around working too many hours, liking the odd drink a little too much and occasionally eating the wrong things (usually one leads to another..)

I met Nancy through her spin class, and actually over the past few years as I’d stopped playing the sports which I had done through my twenties and thirties because of joint pain, I’d actually made an effort to try to work out quite a lot – spin, pump, etc, most weeks.

I had really enjoyed the care and structure Nancy applied to her classes, and as I got to know her I was blown away by her infectious positivity, energy and intellect which she poured in to her classes and clients every single session, even when faced with some tough challenges.

So when a change of circumstances meant I had a little time to reflect on where I am in my life, I decided that I didn’t want to be a mid forties fatty, and I decided to bite the bullet and commit to a 10 week program with Nancy.
As I mentioned earlier, I was working out maybe 6 times a week, so I knew I was reasonably fit, but that doesn’t mean I was healthy… I knew my BP was a little high, and although I was a regular in some group classes, I was rarely a top performer and could see I was struggling to keep up with others – and all I would do is try to work out harder or more frequently. This basically had the affect that I was almost constantly physically tired.

Through our initial consultations and 121 workout sessions, Nancy immediately focused on this and we agreed a plan that was slightly alien to me… I was actually going to stop doing some of the classes I had religiously been forcing myself to attend, I was going to focus more on what I was putting in to my body (and we would work on that together to come up with weekly plans) and I was going to increase the variation I got through my workouts and focus a little more on my building strength – something I had always dismissed as I had wanted to “burn fat” through cardio.

The focus and help Nancy gave me on the food and drinks I was consuming was nothing short of life changing. I’m certainly no angel when it comes to food, and I’m still no angel after having worked with Nancy. I love meat, I love beer, and I was very surprised when we first put my weekly plans together and I had not been convinced to go veggie or teetotal…(which social media seemed to be telling me was the only was to get healthy). Nancy worked with me to keep my favourite things in my weekly plans, and even gave me some amazing advice on different types of treats and snacks I could enjoy, but our plan meant I could do all this whilst still maintaining an acceptable calorie input. This helped me to be 100% honest with myself and the plan, and the results (week 1 was quite a surprise…!).

Over time, I got to really understand the impact of what I was putting in to my body. Yes I was still eating the “wrong” stuff every now and then, but I got to know when I was being bad, and to what degree. This meant I could adjust my week and always work towards my goals. It was like someone had just shown me my bank balance and how much I was spending for the very first time.

The strengthening exercises made my cardio actually seem easier, which in turn meant I could do more, and then got fitter still. And the variation meant I wasn’t working the same muscle areas over and over and gave my body the opportunity to recover, meaning I had more energy. I lost nearly a stone and half in just 10 weeks, whilst maintaining or in some areas gaining muscle and strength, meaning I lost body fat… over 9% of it in fact. I was leaner, and workouts felt less strenuous on my joints. My blood pressure also fell to normal levels and my resting heart rate settled a whopping 20 beats per minute lower than when I started the program.

I’m writing this now 3 months after my time working with Nancy, and although my weight and other metrics have definitely had their ups and downs, I’m pleased to say that today I’m exactly the same weight and body fat as the day of my last weigh and measure on my program, I’m lifting the same weights and working out at the same rate.

I feel confident that this is my new base line and I have the knowledge and tools to now maintain this for as long as I want, without it feeling like a “diet” or a phase towards some goal I’ve given myself.

In fact, now this is my new baseline I’m starting to get curious about where I can go from here… and I suspect this year I will very likely be back to being a client of Nancy’s to give her a new challenge of where we can get me too!
Thankyou Nancy, you’ve really helped change me for the better, and you definitely were with me Every Step of the way!

Glen Farrelly, Face to Face PT 10 weeks 2019

“The focus and help Nancy gave me on the food and drinks I was consuming was nothing short of life changing….Thankyou Nancy, you’ve really helped change me for the better, and you definitely were with me Every Step of the way!”

I met Nancy two years ago in a local gym. I loved attending her super fun classes but then Covid appeared and we were asked to stay at home. I had not enjoyed home workouts so I asked Nancy for help and she sent me short but very effective workouts which I could easily do at home and they also helped me to improve my running. Nancy’s positive attitude has kept me going and she made me feel very proud even of my smallest achievements. Nancy gave me some excellent advice regarding nutrition and although I still enjoy a good glass of wine I definitely make much better choices when it comes to food and especially take aways. Thank you Nancy for all your support. I am so looking forward to going back to the gym and returning to Nancy’s super fun classes.

Marketa Mullins, Online PT, 4 months 2020

“Nancy’s positive attitude has kept me going and she made me feel very proud even of my smallest achievements. “