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How to get bikini ready..

How to get bikini ready.. 👙

Summer holidays are here so here’s my top tip for getting a bikini body! You probably assume you need to lose weight, cut out food groups and foods you enjoy, live on salads, do loads of workouts etc…

Nope – it’s a very simple 2 step process to getting your bikini body.

Step 1 – have a body ✅

Step 2 – put a bikini on it !

Ta da!

Now I realise it’s actually not that simple – and that wanting to look a certain way in your swimwear is totally valid. If you want to lose weight to feel more comfortable when you’re on the beach then that’s great – go for it! However whether you prefer a bikini, a swimsuit, a swim dress , a tankini, a sarong, T-shirt and shorts… whatever.. you’re entitled to wear whatever you like however you like. You deserve to enjoy the sunshine regardless of your shape or size. You don’t have to lose weight to do that! Find a style you like and rock it!

Happy summer!


Nutrition and Calorie Tips

‘Unhealthy’ Nutella vs ‘healthy’ peanut butter …

‘Unhealthy’ Nutella vs ‘healthy’ peanut butter … 🥜🍫🍞

A pretty simple one today – peanut butter on toast is often viewed as a ‘healthier’ breakfast or snack option. This is due to the perception people have of it as a higher protein food source with ‘good’ fats. In contrast Nutella on toast is viewed as an ‘unhealthy’ or bad option.

In reality both are great brekkie options – they both contain a range of nutrients, protein, healthy fats, carbs and, if you like peanut butter and nutella then they both taste great!

However if you’re under the impression that the peanut butter option is better for weight loss then you may may wish to reconsider. The reality is that a 30g serving on a slice of sliced white farmhouse toast (without butter) is 286 cals vs only 262 for the Nutella. It also has considerably more fat. Ot does of course contain more protein but the Nutella on toast still has a reasonable amount given what it is – over 11g. The combination of fat, protein and carbs will help to keep you feeling full – but actually that will be the case with either option. The peanut butter contains a few more micronutrients but within the context of a balanced diet this won’t make much difference.

So if you enjoy a little Nutella on toast but have been avoiding it because you think it’s ‘unhealthy’ then go for it! If peanut blurted on toast is your thing then enjoy it, but just be aware of the calories they both contain if weight loss is your goal! 🥜 🍞 🍫



Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Ice creams / Lollies for 100 cals or less …

Ice creams / Lollies for 100 cals or less … 🍦

The weather has been extremely warm lately so Ice creams and lollies have certainly formed a large part of mine and my client’s diets! There’s a perception that ice creams / lollies are ‘bad’ and something that is a bit ‘naughty’ so if you’re trying to lose weight you might deny yourself these cooling treats believing them to be ‘bad’ (aka high calorie). However, there’s no reason you have to give up ice creams and ice lollies to lose weight as it ultimately comes down to whether you’re in a calorie deficit.

Obviously there are many frozen desserts out there which are high calorie and some can be 300 cals or more. So if they’re on top of your main meals then you might end up racking up unwanted calories. However in this weather everyone needs a cold snack or dessert right? So if you do fancy an ice cream or lolly, but want to stay within your calories then here are a selection of lower calorie options at 100 cals or less. This list is by no means exhaustive – but it’s just a range of the options out there.

Oppo Salted Caramel balls 20 cals each

Mini milk 32 cals

Rocket lolly 39 cals

Mini twister lolly 39 cals

Fruit pastille lolly 57 cals

Little moons mochi balls 70 cals each

Fab lolly 75 cals

Regular twister lolly 76 cals

Jude mini ice cream tubes 70

Jude mini ice creams 94 cals

Exotic Solero lolly 98 cals

Calipo Lolly 100 cals

So you can fill up on ice lollies to stay cool this summer without worrying it’s going to derail your progress!

Enjoy 🤗


Nutrition and Calorie Tips

I’ve blown my diet.… 🫣

I’ve blown my diet.… 🫣

When you’re trying to lose weight we often conflate ‘healthy’ foods and automatically

helpful for weight loss. With the weather so warm at the moment you may be craving an ice lolly or two. You may even have two or three and then find yourself feeling guilty for having succumbed to the craving and berate yourself for being really ‘bad’ and blowing your diet. Or you may think you’re being very virtuous and avoid the ice cream and have what is perceived to be a ‘healthy’ snack of nuts and dried fruits.

In reality in terms of calories the ‘healthy’ snack is actually worse ! Yes the snack pot has a more protein (which can help you feel fuller for longer), and more micronutrients, so it is a more balanced snack, but that doesn’t mean the ice cream lollies are a bad option. Of course the ice cream lollies are high in sugar but sugar isn’t inherently bad either! In reality you’re unlikely to eat 3 ice lollies in one go anyway so you’d in fact be consuming even fewer calories!

Overall calories are what count if you’re trying to lose weight. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight so in that scenario the ice lollies are the better option. Especially if you’re eating a balanced diet and getting protein and the other nutrients in your other meals.

Emotional well being is also important and depriving yourself of foods you enjoy and instead choosing the fruit and nuts under the misguided impression that it’s a healthier option or because it’s marketed as ‘a healthy snack’ isn’t good for long term sustainability or a healthy approach to food.

Personally I’d choose both on different days – and I’d include them in my calories. The fruit and nuts are brilliant and do make a great snack option (as long as you’re aware of the calories) but on days like we’ve had lately an ice cream lolly or two is definitely required! 🍦 🤗


Nutrition and Calorie Tips

‘Just a dip to go with my Pizza…’ 🤔

‘Just a dip to go with my Pizza…’ 🤔

If you’re hoping to lose fat in a sustainable way you need to be aiming for a deficit of around 200-300 cals a day. Most people are pretty good at tracking the big stuff – the sandwich, the packet of crisps, the porridge for breakfast etc but how often do we overlook the little stuff. You’d probably be pretty aware of the pizza or garlic bread you order but might not think twice about the dip on the side.

A great example of this is the Domino’s garlic and herb dip – which is now available in a larger size (though still feels like a small side). You’d probably assume it would be a couple of hundred calories … maybe overlook recording it… in reality it has more calories in it than an entire meal, including a small glass of wine! Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t have the dip – if you want it and like it then have it! Just be aware of the calories in it before you do.

So if you’re tracking cals and hoping to lose fat make sure you include these, and if you’re just trying to cut some cals maybe they’re a good place to start being more mindful too?

Remember – calories count! 🤗xx