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Tuesday Tip: Tuesday Tip: Lose weight correctly, not quickly

Tuesday Tip: Tuesday Tip: Lose weight correctly, not quickly 👍🏻 👍🏻

Crash diets, cleanses, detoxes, 6 week challenges, or excessive amounts of exercise may well give you some fast results on the scale but these fast results will very quickly disappear just as fast. So if you want to lose some weight, and then put it back on again, time and time again then definitely go for these options … but if you want to lose some weight and maintain it longer term then perhaps it’s better to take a different approach?

It’s not flashy, and it’s not fast but it does have a far better long term success rate (and costs nothing!). It will definitely take longer than a few weeks, there will be times you’ll definitely feel like it isn’t working, you’ll want to give up, your weight will definitely fluctuate or even ‘plateau’ for a time… but… if you stick at it, if you’re consistent and you’re in it for the long haul I guarantee you can reach your goals- for life.

What is this miracle approach you say? Nothing exciting I’m afraid …

⁃ Eat a moderate amount of calories (incorporate a moderate calorie deficit)

⁃ Moderate your alcohol/ take away / meal out consumption (note – I’m saying moderate – don’t cut it out – just incorporate it within your calories)

⁃ Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit

⁃ Eat a balanced diet – some carbs, some protein, some fats

⁃ Exercise for enjoyment – not to eat. So ignore any extra cals you burn exercising and don’t eat them back.

⁃ Walk

⁃ Get 6-8 hrs sleep

⁃ Stay hydrated

⁃ Find alternative stress relievers that don’t involve food or alcohol

That’s it! You don’t need to pay for some diet/challenge. It does require work and effort – but most things we want to achieve in life do? But if you’re willing to make the effort, and you’re patient and view it as a long term shift then you will reap the rewards!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Reasons you’re hungry…

Reasons you’re hungry… 🍔

A lot of my clients have been telling me how hungry they are feeling now the inevitable post Christmas ‘back on it’ season as started!

There are some really obvious reasons why you might be hungry. Remember a little hunger is a good thing so don’t be too quick to want to feed it! But if you’re starving hungry then it could be because you’re not eating enough calories – whilst obvious this probably isn’t the main reason tbh. You have probably just gone from eating several thousand extra calories a day over Christmas and new year, to eating normally or cutting calories – so yes you will be hungry! Your body is expecting large amounts of calories that you’re now not eating.

Other obvious reasons include perhaps not eating enough protein or fats – both these help you stay full and it’s common to avoid the fats especially when trying to ‘be good’. You may also not be eating enough carbs. Carbs are often the first thing people cut but really you need to try to ensure you’re still eating a good quantity of them to help you manage your hunger. Each macronutrient triggers a specific hormonal response which signals satiety (fullness) – fats cause the release of GLP-1, carbs cause the release of leptin, protein stimulates release of GLP-1, glucagon, CCK and PYY which tell the brain you’re full.

However there are probably a number of other reasons you’re hungry.

You might be low on fibre – it slows digestion, adds bulk and is fermented in the digestive system to produce short chain fatty acids which once absorbed tell the brain we’re full.

You might be eating low volume calorie dense foods. Whilst calories are king when it comes to fat loss, food volume really helps with staying full. So aim for high volume, lower calorie options to help if you’re hungry.

If you’re eating whilst distracted (watching tv/on the phone) or inhaling your food too fast multiple studies have shown you won’t feel as full as if you take your time and eat more mindfully.

Your emotions will definitely impact on your eating. If you’re bored, lonely, anxious or sad (or suffering from PMT) you may turn to food for comfort. It’s totally natural and fine to do, it’s also important to try to find other ways to make you feel better: calling a friend, speaking to a therapist, exercise, meditating, engaging in a hobby etc

Finally if you’re sleep deprived you will definitely be hungry – your body will be seeking energy to keep going and that’s going to lead to food cravings and less control around food. So work on getting a better nights sleep if you can.


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: A few weight loss truths

Tuesday Tip: A few weight loss truths ✨

There’s so much conflicting information out there and it’s very easy to get swept down the fad diet/weight loss river. Sometimes it’s worth just stepping back and focusing on a few, possibly unpopular, truths about nutrition and fitness. So here are a few of mine!

# Carbs aren’t inherently bad

Contrary to many people’s beliefs there’s nothing inherently bad about carbs. It’s the carlories that count – cutting carbs won’t automatically result in weight loss unless you reduce your calories. We need carbs – for fuel, cutting them out completely simply makes you tired, lacking in energy and miserable. Don’t do it!

# No food is inherently bad

See above! But for any food. There is nothing inherently ‘bad’ about any food – just the quantity you consume. Don’t demonise foods – it never ends well!

# Being sweaty / sore doesn’t mean always mean it was a productive workout.

Yes it can indicate that you worked hard, or differently, but equally it might just be that you’re sweating because it’s warm/ you’re more stressed / hormone related… and you might be sore simply because you’re using different muscles. Don’t use soreness or sweat as a measure of progress. Instead look at tangible achievements – lifting more weight, managing more push ups, etc.

# Exercise should never be punishment for what you’ve eaten. Exercise should be about making you feel good – improving health and fitness, enjoying yourself, having fun – getting endorphins going. Aside from anything you can’t ‘out-exercise’ diet, so try to divorce the two things.

# Your relationship with food is just as important as what you eat. Consider why you’re eating things as well as what it is.

# Reaching a number on the scales / dress size won’t automatically make you happy with your body.

# The only way to lose fat is with a calorie deficit. The only way to maintain that fat loss is by changing your habits and behaviours. Which is why fad diets, detoxes, cleanses etc don’t work long term.

# The best ‘diet’ is one that’s most sustainable for you!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Practical New Year’s Resolutions…

Practical New Year’s Resolutions… ⭐️

Although I suggested alternative resolutions last week I’m aware that for many their resolutions so involve making a fresh start at health and fitness. Often these resolutions will be things like to “lose weight” or to “get fit” or perhaps “eat healthier’. Now whilst these are all great goals they’re quite hard to achieve without some practical steps. They’re outcomes of changes you need to make rather than actual resolutions per se.

If you are making New Year’s resolutions about your health and fitness, then instead of making generalised statements try to focus instead on small actions you can take every day that will lead to those end goals.

So instead of resolving to lose weight, perhaps instead resolve to identify where the excess calories are in your diet. Are they coming from alcohol? Extra snacks? Take aways? Portion sizes? And then you can take steps to reduce them and therefore reduce your calorie intake (leading to fat and weight loss).

Instead of resolving to “get fit”, instead focus on upping your daily steps. Rather than choosing an arbitrary goal of 10,000 steps, instead commit to increasing your steps. If you’re already hitting 12,000 steps a day then aim for 14,000, if you’re getting 4,000 aim for 6,000 etc. Also consider adding some exercise 1-3 times a week. It doesn’t matter what that exercise is really just pick something you actually enjoy; dancing, running, weight lifting, swimming cycling etc.

Rather than resolving to “Eat healthier” commit to adding a portion of fruit or veg to every meal. Aside from the fact that it will increase your overall nutrition, it will increase fibre levels, and will probably help reduce overall calories as by filling some of your plate with fruit and veg you’re going to eat less of other, more calorie dense foods.

This approach is far better than making massive changes, subscribing to fad diets/detoxes/challenges etc which may well cause you to lose weight quickly but will also see you putting that weight back on once you’re back to eating normally again. Take small sustainable steps and you’ll find you’ll hit your goals and be able to maintain it within your lifestyle too! 🙂


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Say No to ‘Detoxes’

Tuesday Tip: Say No to ‘Detoxes’ 🥗

It’s January and predictably across social media people are peddling “detoxes” and “cleanses”. We’re told our bodies are full of toxins from overeating at Xmas, and if you follow plan X / buy the pill/tea/shake you’ll get rid of them and lose weight/ feel/look amazing. You don’t need it, your liver and kidneys do a great job of “detoxing” you, and these products can make your health worse. But we still fall for it.. why?

# Post holiday detox

Over holidays we eat and drink more, so we crave simple, nutrient dense food like salads. Physically it feels good, and psychologically it feels good too; drawing a line under all the junk. This sort of “detox” isn’t silly, it’s just a word we use to say “lets get back to eating well”

# Bloat

Over-indulging, or eating certain foods makes you bloated e.g. rich foods, alcohol, beans, or foods high in salt, certain starches and sugars. If it’s a chronic issue see a Dr. If you’ve been eating lots of salt you will retain water, making you look and feel bloated, reduce the salt for a few days and you’ll be fine. Overdo the food and drink? You don’t need to do anything just eat normally for a few days.

# Constipation

If you’ve been eating badly you may be constipated. Most detoxes /cleanses are laxatives, which can permanently damage your intestines. So first of all, increase water and fibre intake, then increase fruits, veg, and whole grains, but do it gradually; a sudden fibre increase can make you feel worse. If that doesn’t help, see a Dr, not a Facebook ‘expert’.

# Fat loss

No, just no. A juice/pill/shake won’t do that! Sometimes just buying something is a powerful psychological message that you’re making a change and acts as a kickstart; which is why we fall for it. Sadly it won’t last, and you’re left out of pocket and likely to rebound. The more radical approach to losing weight, the more likely it is to fail. Slow and steady wins the race; make small, sustainable habit changes and you’ll reap the rewards.

It’s normal to want to reset, feel better and make changes, but you don’t need a “detox”. Just try to get some sleep, drink more water, eat veg and get moving. You’ll look and feel far better for it!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx