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Things you think cause cellulite…

Things you think cause cellulite… 😏

Cellulite, that dimpled, lumpy appearance of the skin, is something over 90% women (and 10% men) suffer from. There are loads of myths out there about what causes it and usually there’s some ‘solution’ they’re selling which can ‘fix’ the problem. There are loads of products and promises out there that claim to reduce cellulite – but what actually causes it and what actually works?

People will have you believe that cellulite is a result of you being heavier than you should be, of eating the ‘wrong’ foods, or not doing the ‘right’ exercises, or a result of hormones and therefore something that you can address. Well the reality is the main cause of cellulite…. is literally just existing (and particularly being female – though men also have it)!

The most important thing to note is that cellulite is normal, it can affect anyone, at any age, weight and fitness. It’s caused by fibrous connective tissue pulling on the fascia beneath the skin causing a dimpled appearance. It’s more prevalent in women because male connective tissue is more tightly interwoven. Women’s higher oestrogen levels also cause fat cells to respond differently, and as we age cellulite increases. It has a strong genetic component and some people are more prone to it than others.

Now whilst it is true that if your bodyfat is high then you may have more prominent and prevalent cellulite, (so fat loss via a calorie deficit may reduce it) but as it’s about the structure of the fat deposits you can’t completely get rid of it, unless you reduce your bodyfat to dangerous levels. You also can’t exercise it away. A good diet, good sleep, and regular exercise are all great for your health but won’t reduce the appearance of cellulite. There is also zero evidence that any specific foods either increase or reduce cellulite. Though studies have shown that if you smoke then giving up can help as the chemicals reduce blood flow, weaken and disrupt collagen formation meaning fat shows through more.

There is zero evidence that any of the so called ‘cellulite’ reducing creams, gels, laser treatments, detoxes, supplements, funky workouts or foods have any significant effect. Any effects are temporary at best and ‘work’ by tightening the top layer of skin but the effects wear off after a few hours. There are surgical options that claim to reduce it but none give permanent results, most are very expensive and involve cutting the fibrous tissue to reduce the appearance.

We all have cellulite – I have it, I’ve had it since my teens, and I had it at my lowest and highest bodyfat. It’s a fact of life so don’t waste energy or money trying to get rid of it. Focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet and doing exercise you enjoy to keep yourself fit and healthy.

🤗 xx

Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: No Progress?

Tuesday Tip: No Progress? 🤔

Are you stuck and not making progress? When things aren’t going the way you want it’s easy to give up, here’s a little kick up the backside to hopefully prevent that happening!

1 ‘I just need to find my motivation’

You don’t need motivation, you need action. Motivation isn’t going to magically appear; you have to decide to make a change. That will be what motivates you, not a pretty Insta quote (but we love them anyway 🤣).

2 ‘It’s not my fault…’

It may not be your fault but it is your responsibility. We can all find reasons why we can’t do things. Yes it may be harder for you; you might have a health condition or responsibilities that affect your ability to exercise/lose fat etc. But what’s the option? Not bothering just because it’s going to be harder? Of course not! Anything is better than nothing! 🤗

3 ‘I’m just not prepared to give up….’

Some things are going to have to change if you want your body to. The ‘you’ who has lost 10kg fat isn’t doing what you’re doing now, so if you want to get there you need to make changes. You have to decide what you’re willing to sacrifice; switch your 1200 tub of ice cream for a 320 cal one? Cut back on meals out? Switch tv time for a 30 min walk? The choice is yours.

4 ‘I just can’t say no…’

The main reason people don’t lose fat is because they can’t say no. ‘Fancy a cake with coffee?’, ‘want another drink?’, ‘how about a take away?’. Try saying no and choose something nice but lower in cals! Prove to yourself that you have the ability to choose!

5 ‘It’s been 3 days and I’ve lost no weight…’

The body you want is the sum of all the small actions you do today. Eating 300 fewer calories today, or going to the gym when you don’t want to, doesn’t seem like it’s getting you that result today, but do it consistently for 1, 2, or 3 months and it will.

Life happens, things get stressful – it happens to everyone. Don’t let that stop you doing something. Can’t make it to the gym? Do a 15 min walk, Blown your cals? Get straight back on it tomorrow. Do something, no matter how small, every day that takes you closer to your goal.

Happy Tuesday 🤗

Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Craving chocolate …

Craving chocolate … 🍫

We all have cravings for certain foods or drinks at certain times. It may be for chocolate, biscuits, cheese, toast, wine – etc, whatever it is it’s usually perceived as a “bad” food.

If you’re trying to lose fat/weight then when a chocolate craving hits you may avoid it at all costs. Why? because it’s “bad”. It’s not a snack packed with protein or fats, or vitamins or all those things we know we should be eating. It’s full of sugar (omg!) so it is definitely evil and must be avoided at all costs…..So you avoid it and have some fruit and a yoghurt (because they’re ‘good’)… but that doesn’t really cut it…. So then you have a nakd bar (fruit and nuts so that’s ‘good’ too!)… but you’re still craving chocolate… so you end up eating the chocolate anyway. None of those snacks are an issue and in fact they’re all delicious but you didn’t want them – you wanted chocolate… and now you’ve ended up eating almost 600 calories.

Instead, if you are craving chocolate then just have it! You don’t need to earn it. You don’t need to justify it. Not every item of food you eat needs to be packed with vitamins, protein etc. If you have a balanced diet overall then it’s absolutely fine to have some foods in your diet that aren’t nutritionally great but that give you pleasure!

Funnily enough, the more you label foods as ‘bad’ and try to avoid these foods, the more power and the more the craving you’ll have for them. When you enjoy the foods you crave or want to eat without guilt, they begin to lose their power over you and your urge to overeat them diminishes. Over time, you’re able to eat anything, without eating everything.

Chances are that in most cases if you enjoy that chocolate for your snack, factor it into your day’s calories, then you won’t feel the need to inhale a giant bar later that day or eat loads of other things you didn’t actually want. So rather than creating rules about foods that are good or bad, try to view all foods as things you can have – in moderation.

Enjoy 🤗


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip : Reframe those goals 😃

When you’re at the start of a weight loss journey it can seem very overwhelming and almost impossible to achieve. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose (which is of course is a different figure for different people – a lot could be anything from 5 to 50 kg!) then focusing on that as your goal can actually be counter productive.

Rather than trying to lose 15kg why not try losing 1kg 15 times. That changes the perspective – losing 1kg feels achievable right? Once you’ve lost one kg then you lose the next kg etc. It all comes down to your mindset and that will dictate how you approach your weight loss journey, and that will determine whether you’re successful.

Take everything in bite size pieces and small steps. That goes not only for your goals but everything. Instead of trying to overhaul your entire diet and exercise routine just focus on one small change at a time. Maybe adding in an extra walk, or one exercise class a week for example? Or perhaps eating more veggies, or reducing the number of nights a week you drink alcohol, or just starting to track calories (even if not reducing them) etc. One step at at time makes things seem much more achievable and means you’ll feel more successful – which in turn means you will be less likely to give up after a few weeks!

Happy Tuesday🤗xx

Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Carbs make you fat….

Carbs make you fat…. 🥔 🍞

I actually lose count of the number of times people tell me it’s carbs that are making them fat, or stopping them losing weight, or that they just need to cut carbs and they’ll lose weight….

The rhetoric is usually something along the lines of – to lose fat/weight you need to cut or reduce carbs and focus on more protein and fat based foods (nuts are a prime example). Many new clients I meet have either tried eliminating carbs from their diet or that they intend to, by which they usually mean cutting out potatoes, bread, pasta etc. Many social media ‘experts’ have suggested that carbs are ‘bad’ and to be avoided – but this is based on very little actual evidence. In fact many studies have supported the fact that eliminating carbs has no significant impact when it comes to weight loss – it’s the total calories that have the impact.

No food or macro is inherently fattening. It all comes down to calories. Carbs do not make you fat – as you can see in this example – those high carb foods are actually far lower in calories per 100g than those high fat foods. Now eating fat-heavy foods won’t make you fat either – but this just illustrates the point re carbs quite nicely.

From a fat loss standpoint, fats are more calorie dense than carbs or protein. Fats contain 9 calories per gram, carbs contain 4 calories per gram and so does protein. Therefore, fat as a macronutrient is more than TWICE the amount of calories compared to carbohydrates or protein. This doesn’t mean fat is ‘bad’ it just means foods that are high in fat are also high in calories, so be mindful mindful of your portions! Often it’s what you’re putting on the carbs that make them higher in calorie – like cheese, butter, nut butter etc.

You CAN eat carbs and still lose weight when you are able to achieve a energy deficit. So stop believing that carbs are responsible for your weight gain. They’re not – whether intentional or not you were just eating more calories than you needed.