Personal Training Services

I offer both face to face and online training.

Face to face PT

I personal train from a small studio in Surbiton It’s a small private space, and  has everything we need. Sessions last 45 – 60 mins depending on the client and goals for the session. I work in a holistic way so I don’t just “beast” people for that time – we will also discuss nutrition and diet etc to ensure you get the most out of the whole process 🙂

PT sessions are usually sold in blocks of ten –  we’ll work on diet and lifestyle too to help you achieve your goals. PT sessions are designed entirely around the client, and their goals. It includes all support outside the sessions themselves – including gym or home workouts, advice on healthy eating to support their programme, and access to me for advice 24/7.

Online PT

We review your current diet and nutrition, and your activity/exercise pattern and your specific goals and then we put together a diet and exercise plan to help you reach those goals. This will vary to suit your needs but usually involves a healthy eating guide, calorie goals, meal ideas, etc – depending on what you need and also gym or home workouts, a weekly exercise plan etc.  You get regular check ins with me – via the means which best suits you – whatsapp, text, email etc, Your progress is tracked via weekly or fortnightly measurements which you do yourself on a from I provide. Any tweaks to the workout/nutrition side of things are included and everything is adjusted as you go through to suit your goals and progress.

My clients have had great results from it and it’s well suited to someone who needs some guidance and someone to hold them accountable but without the face to face contact (or for someone who doesn’t have time/ or is too far away for the face to face contact).

Bespoke packages

I also offer bespoke packages of a combination face to face sessions and online PT at intervals which suit you. These packages can be completely tailored to your needs.

If you’d like more information and pricing then do drop me an email