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‘Good’ food… ‘bad’ food…

‘Good’ food… ‘bad’ food… 🍬

How often do you eat something and label it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and by extension consider that you’ve been ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Grab a bag of jelly tots as a snack and you telL yourself you’ve been ‘bad’ and you’re a ‘bad’ person. In contrast if you snacked on a pot of edamame beans you’d be feeling very virtuous and like a ‘good’ person.

It’s really time we stop labelling foods and good or bad. And it’s definitely time we stop attributing some form of morality to snacks etc. What you eat or don’t eat has absolutely no bearing on your worth as a person. You’re not a bad person for snacking on some sweets. You’re also not a good person for choosing edamame beans.

Yes edamame beans have more fibre and protein and micronutrients, whilst the jelly tots have fewer nutritional benefits. The jelly tots will provide you with some quick release energy, the edamame will keep you fuller for longer. If you were trying to hit a certain number of calories then the jelly tots may even be a better choice as they’re fewer calories but neither is inherently good or bad. They both have a place in a balanced diet. The only reason to describe either as good or bad is in terms of how you think they actually taste! And personally I think they both taste good!




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