Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Are super foods super?

Tuesday Tip: Are super foods super? 🫐

Green tea, açai, blueberries, avocado, kale… just a few of the supposed super foods which can ‘detox’ your body, lose pounds, even cure cancer! How super are they really? A quick google search reveals thousands of articles and products relating to super foods. Many of these relate either to some supplement, product, weight loss program or some other sales pitch. You rarely see true nutrition experts (qualified nutritionists/ dieticians) using the term, many of whom dispute that particular

foods have an specific magical health benefit claimed by their advocates. People are however willing to pay more for foods perceived as healthy and these superfood labels aim to cash in on this.

So are there such things a superfoods? The short answer – no. Yes many of these foods have good nutritional profiles and may be higher in particular micronutrients but that doesn’t make them any better than many other foods. So what makes them super? Essentially a combination of poor scientific research / cherry picked research, catchy headlines and marketing campaigns from food producers.

Really a superfood should be one that not only keeps you well nourished, but that also provides pleasure and enjoyment to eat and makes you feel good. In that respect almost any food could be super, especially within the context of a balanced diet. So don’t be distracted by the latest, overhyped, trendy ‘superfood’ – instead focus on eating a variety of foods, including a range of fruit and veg, and those that taste good to you!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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