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‘Skinny’ chocolate spread vs Nutella

‘Skinny’ chocolate spread vs Nutella 🍫

This is another great example of how manufacturers have tapped into the weight loss industry to market their products. The natural assumption is that the skinny chocolate hazelnut spread is going to be a lower calorie option and perhaps a ‘healthier’ choice.

In reality there is actually very little difference. The skinny spread is marginally lower in calories at 23.2 cals per 5g compared to 26.7 cals for Nutella. Their fat content is also very similar. The only difference is in sugar content. It’s also worth noting that the skinny spread displays a 5g serving size (who has a 5g serving?!)- whereas the Nutella displays a 15g serving size so if you were to do a quick comparison you may not spot that that and that makes the Nutella look far worse! The skinny spread is also considerably more expensive than Nutella.

So in reality, unless you’ve been medically advised to reduce sugar intake, then you’re better off just going with the spread you enjoy and saving your pennies! Don’t automatically assume these weight loss branded foods are always the better option.

Read the labels and look at the calories and then make your choice. If you’re trying to lose weight then go for the lowest calorie option, that you actually want to eat!


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