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Most common weight loss mistakes …

Most common weight loss mistakes … 😝

These are the most common mistakes I see with clients trying to lose weight.

# Cutting out favourite foods/food groups

Being over restrictive and cutting out favorite foods/ food groups is unnecessary and means it won’t be enjoyable. You’re setting yourself up for failure and it won’t be sustainable long term.

# Looking for a quick fix.

There are no quick fixes. You didn’t put weight in overnight so you can’t expect to lose it that fast either. Think long term lifestyle as opposed to short term fix.

# Jumping from diet to diet

It’s not about the next fad diet – it won’t be sustainable long term. Just stick to a modest and consistent calorie deficit.

# Too little protein/fat

You don’t need to go overboard on protein or fat, and calories are definitely the most important but protein and fat can help satiety (feeling full) so can prevent snacking and overeating and help recovery.

# Going cardio crazy.

Punishing yourself with hours of exercise won’t help. It will exhaust you and make you hungry. Just include exercise you actually enjoy, ideally a range of resistance training and cardio, and keep generally active.

# Eating back exercise calories.

I’ve written in detail about this but essentially we always overestimate what we burn and our bodies adapt to exercise (as do smart watches – up to 93 percent over!) so eating back exercise calories will usually mean you’re over eating.

#Assuming healthy foods are low calorie

I often hear people proudly telling me they’ve swapped their unhealthy snacks for nuts instead, not realising they’ve actually doubled their calorie intake. It’s easy to carried away with ‘healthy’ but calorie dense foods like nuts, nut butters, avocados etc.

# Estimating calorie intake

Estimating calories generally results in getting it wrong. Studies show that most people grossly underestimate their caloric consumption (even qualified nutritionists and dieticians). Best approach – weigh portions and track accurately. Assume you’re not good at estimating and weigh things rather than assuming you’re always right.



2 thoughts on “Most common weight loss mistakes …”

  1. When it comes to losing weight, finding a “quick” scheme seldom works out. This is a process and it’s one that should be taken with care so that no health complications arise. Great insight here!


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