Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: What happens when fat is lost?

Tuesday Tip: What happens when fat is lost? 😅

There are widespread misconceptions about what happens when we lose fat. It’s important to understand the process of how fat is actually lost to be able to set realistic goals and expectations.

So what we think of as body fat is actually adipose tissue, which is essentially excess energy that is stored for future use. Fat is lost when we create a calorie deficit – usually via reducing the number of calories you consume. When you’re in a calorie deficit the body utilises the stored fat. Triglycerides contained within the fat cells are ‘burnt’ or oxidised to release energy. This involves many enzymes and biochemical processes but the end products are water, carbon dioxide, with energy being released at the same time .

84 percent of the fat becomes Carbon dioxide which is then excreted by the lungs

as we exhale. The remaining 16 percent becomes water and is excreted from sweating, urinating, breathing, Bowel movements, tears etc.

Before you get too excited – breathing faster, or sweating more isn’t going to result in more fat loss! Fat loss happens as a result of a long term, consistent change in your dietary habits abs lifestyle. So sadly, as always, the answer for fat loss isn’t flashy or sexy, but rather dull and rooted in science – a long term calorie deficit achieved mainly via eating less and moving more!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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