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Things that make you fat….

Things that make you fat…. 🍟

There are so many myths and there is so much pseudoscience out there around weight and fat loss. Depending on who you follow you may be told that eating carbs is making you fat, or that eating after 8pm is making you fat, or perhaps it’s eating fat that’s making you fat? Or you may have seen people saying that eating too much fruit is the problem, or eating sugar, or perhaps it’s because you snack? Or maybe it’s because you have breakfast… or maybe it’s because you don’t….

This is all rubbish. Eating carbs don’t make you fat, neither does eating fat or sugar – it all comes down to the total calories – you could eat solely carbs and lose fat if you were at a calorie deficit. Eating fruit certainly doesn’t make you fat – yes it’s often ‘full of sugar’ but that’s not a bad thing.. it’s fruit – so it’s full of fructose, and tonnes of other micronutrients that we need to function and of course it all comes down to calories. It’s actually quite hard to be in a calorie surplus just from fruit!

Eating after a certain time, or only eating at certain times also won’t make you fat – as long as you’re within your daily calorie limit.

Eating breakfast (or not eating it) and snacking aren’t issues either – if they help you stick to your daily calorie limits.

Stop focusing on the small stuff and listening to pseudoscience – this is just confusing the issue. Eating too many calories and consuming consistent caloric surplus is what makes you gain weight. Of course that means the reverse is also true – a calorie deficit (however you achieve it) will result in fat loss!


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