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Enjoying a seasonal treat ….

Enjoying a seasonal treat …. 🥚 🍫

I never tell clients cut out any foods/drinks totally from their diet and as a big fan of Easter chocolate I certainly wouldn’t ever be ‘banning’ chocolate eggs, but if you are trying to lose weight/fat then you may just want to be aware of the calories involved.

There’s no reason you can’t have any Easter eggs you want as it ultimately comes down to whether you’re in a calorie deficit. However, with the size of some of the eggs out there now it’s very easy to rack up over a thousand calories or more, without even noticing!

For example – if you’re a fruit and nut fan and lucky enough to receive the ‘ultimate’ egg you’d be looking at over 2,700 cals for the entire egg and accompanying bar (the egg alone is over 2,200 cals!). That’s more than most people’s daily calorie goal 😬

In contrast you could enjoy a large fruit and nut egg and the bars for around 1500 cals. Now ok, the egg is just a milk choc egg (not full of fruits and nuts like the ultimate one) but it’s still delicious and that’s still almost a whole day’s calories for many people.

So if Easter eggs are your thing (they are definitely mine!) then maybe just be aware of the cals in them if you’re trying to stick to your goals.

Enjoy! 🐣


2 thoughts on “Enjoying a seasonal treat ….”

  1. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy a nice Easter treat, as you mentioned here, but it should be accompanied by regular physical activity. Moderation is key when it comes to these things.


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