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Brown rice is healthier… or is it?

Brown rice is healthier… or is it? 🍚

Most people feel like they’re being healthier if they’re having brown rice rather than white. However is it actually that much better?

White grain products have just had the outer layer of the grain removed – in most cases this doesn’t remove that much in terms of nutrition. In terms of calories both products tend to be the similar, although sometimes the white version is actually lower in cals so if you’re tracking your intake then it can be a way to cut some cals. In this example you can see that the brown rice is actually over 40 cals more per 100g.

But what about fibre I hear you cry? Well as you can see, the fibre content is actually pretty similar between the two – there’s only 1g more per 100g in this particular brown rice. If you’re already having a balanced diet, which includes fruit, veg and other grains, then you’re better off simply choosing the one you prefer the taste of and not worrying too much about the fibre. If you’re trying to reduce calories then you may decide to go for white to save a few cals there!


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