Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Easy Calorie Cuts

Tuesday Tip: Easy Calorie Cuts 🥗

If you’re trying to lose weight or fat then the one thing you need is a calorie deficit. Whilst tracking your calories using an app is one way to achieve this there are also ways to help facilitate the deficit (with or without tracking).

#1 One cal oil spray – I’ve written about this before and it’s a no brainer. Swapping oil in cooking for a one cal oil spray saves hundreds of cals without compromising taste (and sprays come in a variety of oils too – olive, avocado, coconut, sunflower)

#2 Swap to diet drinks – a full sugar fizzy drink is around 140 cals per can, a diet one is close to zero. (See my previous posts on why diet drinks are perfectly safe to drink if you’re concerned on that score)

#3 Swap to sweetener –

If you have sugar in your hot drinks then consider a swap to a sweetener instead. (See my post on sweeteners if you’re concerned about using sweeteners )

#4 Make other swaps – swapping full fat yoghurt to low or zero fat, swapping spreads to low versions, ice cream to a lower cal version etc. Within the context of a balanced diet these swaps make an easy and safe calorie saving.

#5 Drink – drink water or zero calorie drinks before and during meals. This helps to hydrate you and keep you feeling fuller.

#6 Limit meals out – whilst it’s perfectly possible to plan ahead and stay within cals for occasional meals out it’s very hard to maintain a deficit if you’re eating out/getting take away a multiple times a week.

#7 Booze – limit the booze or swap for lower cal options eg slimline gin and tonic, low alcohol beer, champagne/ Prosecco etc

#8 Lean meat – choose leaner cuts of meat or swap eg bacon medallions instead of rashers, chicken breast instead of drumsticks, rump instead of ribeye steak etc

#9 up the veggies – load your meals with veg and salad. The extra fibre and volume helps to keep you full and adds additional micronutrients which is always good. It also reduces space on the plate for higher calorie options.

#10 Slow down – eat mindfully and slow down. Chew your food properly and avoid distractions when you eat. This gives time for the signals from the stomach saying you’re full to reach the brain and prevents over eating.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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