Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: No bad foods

Tuesday Tip: No bad foods 🍕

I hear people referring to things like cake, chocolate, cookies, crisps, pizza, chips etc as ‘bad’ foods. As a result people often feel like they’ve failed if they eat them. It’s really vital to shift your perception of these types of foods if you want to have some balance manage long term maintenance and sustainability.

Of course there are foods which have more fat, sugar, or calories and fewer micronutrients. Whilst those types of food aren’t the healthiest they serve other purposes – including improved mental well being so they should absolutely be included in your diet. It just means you have to manage the portion sizes of these types of foods. Having an entire pizza, garlic bread and a tub of ice cream – perhaps not the best idea, having a few slices of pizza and a small bowl of ice cream as part of a balanced diet – absolutely fine!

This is where being aware of the calories in foods is so important. You can then manage your calorie budget to incorporate the foods you enjoy that are higher calorie. Also try pairing them with more nutrient dense foods when you can. You can’t get ‘fat’ from one pizza, or one tub of ice cream, equally you can’t get ‘thin’ from one salad or one bowl of fruit- we need all of them in our diets. Lose the all of nothing mindset and lose the idea that foods are good or bad – you can continue to have any foods you like and enjoy, just manage the quantity!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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