Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Just an ice cream…

Just an ice cream.. 🍦

I am a big ice cream lover, and even more so when the sunshine is out! What better than a yummy after dinner treat or snack on a hot day?

If you’re having one every day though (like me!) then those calories do add up and if you’re trying to lose weight then you may find that fitting something like a Magnum into your calories every day is tricky.

You could just have them less often, or you could swap to a lower calorie option. A salted caramel Magnum comes in at 308 calories. An oppo salted caramel ice cream is only 125 cals! So technically you could even have 2 and still be saving some calories! These are actually one of my my favourite ice creams – they taste just as decadent as a Magnum with far fewer cals so it’s a win win! There are obviously lots of other flavours and brands out there too.

So if you do want to enjoy some

Ice cream but save some cals try going for the lower cal option.


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