Nutrition and Calorie Tips

‘It’s only a little sauce on the side – I don’t need to track that…’

‘It’s only a little sauce on the side – I don’t need to track that…’ 🤔

If you’re hoping to lose fat in a sustainable way you need to be aiming for a deficit of around 200-300 cals a day. Most people are pretty good at tracking the big stuff – the sandwich, the packet of crisps, the porridge for breakfast etc but how often do we overlook the little stuff. That little bit of ketchup on the side, that chilli sauce on your rice, that dash of oil in the pan…. And how often when you’re trying to lose fat do you deny yourself something you really want simply because you’re ‘on a diet’. Or how often do you feel like a failure because you’ve succumbed to the biscuits at coffee time?

A whole packet of custard creams comes in at around 746 cals – I guarantee most people would feel like they’d ‘ruined their diet’ if they polished off a packet. In fact many people might feel even a couple of custard creams are something they should avoid whilst on their ‘diet’ and yet we probably don’t even think twice about the 1,284 cals we might rack up in sauces and oil (and tbh that’s a conservative estimate on the oil!). In one week that’s your whole deficit gone and you may not even realise it.

I always tell my clients to track everything – right down to the oil they’re cooking with as that can be the difference. So if you’re tracking cals and hoping to lose fat make sure you include these, and if you’re just trying to cut some cals maybe they’re a good place to start being more mindful too?

Oh and if you fancy a custard cream

Or two – just factor it in to your calories and have it! 🤗

Remember – calories count! 🤗xx

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