Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Snackcidents!

Tuesday Tip: Snackcidents! 😱

I’m sure we’ve all been there – you’re doing well sticking to your ‘diet’ and then all of a sudden you have a snackcident … a snack appears in your hand and before you know it it’s been inhaled! Disaster!! You may as well throw in the towel eh? But instead of giving up here are some tips to stay on track.

First off – you haven’t ‘ruined everything’, ‘binged’ or ‘gone off the rails’ – you’ve just had more calories than you planned today. Shaming yourself and making yourself feel guilty isn’t going to help. All it will do is cause a downward spiral.

So what can you do?

Borrow from other days. If you’re calorie target for the day was 1600, but you actually ate 1900 then just reduce your calories for the next 3 days by 100 cals. Then you’ll still be hitting and average of 1600 per day for the week.

Reflect on it but don’t berate yourself or dwell on it. Just try to think about what the trigger may have been. Was it boredom? Was it lack of planning? Was it because actually your plan wasn’t realistic in the first place? Was it peer pressure? Was it emotional? Identifying the triggers can help to prevent it in future – it may be you were being too restrictive so factor some snacks in future. If it was peer pressure then try to think of ways to avoid that – speak to your friends and family and get them on board, or prepare some ‘excuses’ if you need them etc.

You may see people suggesting you should exercise to get back the calories. As you know I always caution against trying to out-exercise diet (mainly because it’s really hard to burn enough to combat it but more importantly because it creates a really bad association between eating and then ‘punishing’ yourself with exercise). So whilst you definitely can’t and shouldn’t try to out exercise food it doesn’t hurt to be active and it also helps to release stress and emotions. So if you’re feeling pants about over eating – go and get active! Not to ‘burn it off’ of rather to make you feel good – endorphins and activity will make you feel better!

Remember snackcidents happen – and they’re not the end of the world!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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