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Protein snack…

Protein snack… 🤔

I’ve talked before about the marketing power of “protein” and how snacks (and other products) are often promoted as “healthy” or better because they contain X amount of protein. The reasoning behind this is the fact that increased protein can help with improved satiety (feelings of fullness) so CAN help to prevent overeating. Also those working out may want to focus on protein to help with muscle building. Unless you’re a bodybuilder or athlete you probably don’t need to go out of your way to take in extra protein as most balanced diets contain far more protein than the average person needs. However you may still wish to focus on higher protein foods and snacks to help keep you feeling full.

So you may well see this protein snickers bar and think it would be a good snack option – it’s something that feels like a treat (a chocolate bar) and it’s high in protein – win win! It’s 192 cals which is actually not bad for a snack at all and contains 10.8g protein – also not bad.

Oh but this is awkward… you could instead have a 150g pot of Skyr stracciatella yoghurt (yoghurt with chocolate pieces in it), a fun size snickers and 50g raspberries, for a similar 188 cals and it will actually provide you with even more protein – 17.3g in fact! And aside from the fact it’s a marginally lower calorie combo, and has more protein, it’s also far greater volume – which also helps to keep you full. It will

take longer to eat, and has a higher amount of fibre too which will aid with the feelings of fullness. You also get the bonus of added micronutrients from the raspberries and yoghurt for overall health. And it will probably help keep you on track as it allows you to have a snickers and extra protein without detailing you from your goals.




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