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Tuesday Tip: Hunger Management

Tuesday Tip: Hunger Management 😝

Hunger management plays a crucial role in successful weight loss. People often over restrict and starve themselves which, whilst obviously may work temporarily , usually leads to cravings, binge eating, and hunger. All of which derail progress and of course make it unsustainable.

With a sustainable calorie deficit there will still be some mild hunger. This isn’t a cause for concern and it’s to be expected but it’s helpful to have some strategies to help manage this so you can stay on track. Essentially it comes down to making food choices which maximise feelings of fullness whilst minimising calories. Remember total calories still count when it comes to weight loss so these are all within that context.

Here are a few things that can help:

#1 Higher protein intake may lead to improved feelings of satiety and less cravings. But, if you already eat a high-protein diet (1.6g/kg+) then it won’t make much difference. Also be aware that prioritising protein too much may lead to to eating fewer carbs which you also need and can mean you end up low on energy and more hungry. So don’t remove carbs either!

#2 High fibre foods help by bulking food volume, slowing digestive time and increasing gut fermentation – all

Of which lead to feelings of fullness. Low energy dense high fibre foods like fruit and veg are a great option.

#3 Fats can help with feelings of fullness (especially when combined with protein) but

they may not be the best option for

hunger management, especially if you

have a tight calorie budget. Fat provides more then double the energy of carbs / protein so it easy to eat more cals with a smaller serving of a high-fat food, compared to a high-carb food

# 4 Go for high volume foods or combinations of foods. If you’re having a lower calorie snack bulk it out with things like fruit or veggies, or a zero cal drink (water or soft drink) to help.

#5 include whole , unrefined carbs as they aid in satiety, muscle recovery and training performance /energy levels (and they’re tasty!)

#6 Our beliefs and perceptions impact feelings of fullness. Perceptions of what a ‘normal’ portion size is impacts whether we feel full after eating it. Equally our beliefs about certain foods have the same effect e.g. if you believe a protein in bar is more filling it will feel that way. Increasing knowledge around calorie content can help with this.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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