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Not all burgers are created equal…

Not all burgers are created equal… 🍔

Often when tracking calories it’s easy to underestimate. Very often this isn’t deliberate or even conscious – we either try to estimate based on other known meal items or we search for a similar meal on the database and use that. There’s a subconscious desire to make the calories fit too and a natural tendency to err on the lower side. This has been proven in multiple studies.

In this example if you’d been out at an independent pub (without calories on the menu) and chose the cheeseburger and fries you might realise that the calories will be high. You’d possibly look up some other similar meal items and then assume it would be close. If you for example looked up the McDonald’s version you’d see that a cheeseburger and large fries is around 742 calories. Most people would realise that a pub style burger is likely to be more (the burger itself is usually bigger and of better quality etc) so in my experience with my own clients people estimate around 950-1000 calories.

However as you can see an average pub cheeseburger and fries actually comes in at over 1600 cals and can be as much as 1850 calories with sauces etc. That’s a huge difference and a very substantial amount of calories for one meal. To put it into perspective – one McDonald’s cheeseburger is 298 cals – so that’s the equivalent of eating five and a half of them in one sitting! You’d never do that would you? So why is it ok to eat that 1642 calorie meal?

Obviously if you want to spend your calories on that as a meal then that’s absolutely fine – it’s your choice, and your body. There’s no need to feel guilty but just do so knowingly rather than kidding yourself that you’ve had 1000 calories. Remember knowledge is power!



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