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What you think happens on a super low calorie diets…

What you think happens on a super low calorie diets… 🥗

If you’re trying to lose weight/fat it’s very tempting to go in hard and aim for a super low calorie diet – this may be in the form of a ‘juice’ diet/cleanse, or some form of fasting, meal substitutes etc or just a v low calorie diet (under 1200 cals). In doing this you might expect that you’ll lose weight fast, feel super healthy and achieve that dream body! Boom! All your problems solved!

The reality however is that yes you may well lose some weight initially – much of which will be fluid to start with. And you may feel like you’re ‘cleansing’ your system to begin with (of course you’re not – your liver and kidneys do a great job of that every single day anyway!). However with these sorts of low calorie diets you will also find that you’re extremely hungry, tired, lacking in energy, irritable, subject to picking up more infections etc (as the immune system is suppressed ) and less able to do your workouts etc and probably miserable. As these diets inevitably involve cutting out foods you enjoy you’ll also feel deprived, and the chances of not being able to stick to the diet, and binging is extremely high.

All this leads to low adherence and means they’re not sustainable so after a short time you’re likely to return to your normal eating pattern. It doesn’t change any habits and therefore doesn’t result in long term weight loss.

So rather than going for short term fixes and slashing calories instead aim for a small yet sustainable calorie deficit, work on changing your habits and making life long changes so you can lose weight and maintain it!


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