Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Just do it!

Tuesday Tip: Just do it! 💪🏼

It’s a pretty simple Tuesday tip today – whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve or progress – just do it! We spend a lot of time looking for motivation or wondering how others are so motivated. When it comes to weight loss particularly there is a misconception that people who achieve their goals are super motivated. There’s an idea that you need to wait for motivation to hit before you can even begin to hope to achieve those goals.

The reality is that people who achieve their goals do so through consistency- consistently just showing up and doing what needs to be done. So in terms of weight loss they ‘show up’ by consistently tracking their calories, or they consistently show up to whatever their chosen exercise is etc. They don’t wait until Monday to start again if they’ve fallen off the wagon, they don’t wait until after that social event to start getting on track etc – they just do it! What you see is the end result of that!

I guarantee the people you think are the most motivated probably aren’t all the time – but they are consistent and they show up and do what they can each day. That’s how

progress is made!

So stop looking for motivation as something that powers your routines when times get

hard. Motivation comes and goes – it’s consistency that brings results. So don’t wait, start today – just do it! And keep doing it!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Just do it!”

  1. Motivation can be tough to find, whether it’s for finances, fitness, or anything else that one may encounter during day-to-day great. Great inspirational write-up here!


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