Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Don’t Save Certain Foods for the Weekend

Tuesday Tip: Don’t Save Certain Foods for the Weekend 🍫

One really common issue I see is people

saving certain foods for the weekends.

It may seem like a good idea; you know your weakness is chocolate or booze or whatever so you decide to cut it out all week and only have it at the weekend. In theory that should help right?

Sadly it often doesn’t and in fact you’re setting yourself up for failure. For a start that then somehow sets these foods/drinks up as inherently ‘bad’. So you restrict yourself all week by not eating the ‘bad’ foods, probably make yourself quite miserable and then end up craving them. When the weekend comes not only are you craving them and have probably been looking forward to them all week, but you also know you’re ‘not allowed’ them again come Monday. So all will power flies out the window and you’re very likely to over indulge. You will most likely blow any calorie deficit you’ve accumulated during the week and your average calories for the week will be over. However, you won’t feel like they are. After depriving yourself for 5 days you’ll expect to see results – you’ll expect to see weight loss and you’ll be even more disappointed if you don’t (and the likelihood is you won’t because your average calories for the week will be too high).

You’ll also probably feel guilty, beat yourself up and generally not be very nice to yourself for ‘failing’. Which all in all is pretty counterproductive and a great way to be unhappy.

So whether you’re doing this consciously or sub consciously stop ‘saving’ certain foods for the weekend. If there’s a food you enjoy just incorporate it into your diet day to day in moderation and lose the all or nothing approach.

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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