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‘What you think you had…..’

‘What you think you had…..’ 😬

We all know that to lose weight/fat you need to be eating and drinking at a calorie deficit. Often the problem though is our awareness and perception of what we are actually consuming. Portion control is a massive part of this – specifically underestimating serving sizes and what you’ve consumed.

It doesn’t help that we are continually marketed to to choose larger sizes at better value. More food/drink for less money – of course we want that right? But it doesn’t help when you’re trying to eat and drink less!

Studies repeatedly show that almost everyone, even those who are trained dieticians and nutritionists (and therefore should be ‘experts’ on portion sizes etc) significantly underestimate what they’ve consumed. This is even more so when recording in hindsight. We forget things, we underestimate what we’ve had, we don’t even know we’re doing it.

For example, having a couple of glasses of wine and some crisps with friends before dinner. You may think you’ve had 2 small glasses and a portion (40g) of crisps – that would be approx 381 cals. That’s not bad and can be easily factored into your daily cals. In reality though you probably had 2 large glasses, and much more than the portion size of crisps – closer to 150g (a grab bag size) for example- which comes in at 1,121 cals! That’s not as easy to fit in, and you probably barely noticed the crisps.

So if you’re struggling to lose weight and can’t work out why, try being totally honest with yourself and see if you may actually be underestimating things. The best way to do this is you get out the kitchen scales, weigh the portion and track the calories – before you eat them! You definitive do not need to cut these things out completely – that’s totally counter productive and unsustainable long term. So instead work on becoming more aware of the actual quantities you’re eating / drinking and fit them into your diet accordingly. Knowledge is power!

Enjoy 🤗 xx

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