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Just a few sweets… vs a disaster!

Just a few sweets… vs a disaster! 🍬

It’s very easy when trying to lose weight and control your calories to fall into the trap of feeling massively guilty about what you may view as ‘falling off the wagon’. Sitting down and demolishing half a packet of biscuits with your afternoon coffee is often something that becomes a ‘disaster’ for the diet and can result in a spiral of guilt. This can then derail you for the rest of the day or week – meaning one small instance of overeating becomes much larger.

In contrast it’s often very easy to not notice the odd nibble here and there. Grabbing a chocolate from the bowl in the office as you walk past, popping another one in your mouth while you wait for coffee, just having a couple of Percy pigs your friend offers you, and grabbing a few of the kids Colin the Caterpillar sweets. It’s likely that if spread over the day you may not even notice you’ve had these, and you may not even remember to factor them into your daily calories.

A bite here, a nibble there, just one sweet here… it’s nothing right? Yet the actual calorie impact is significant – 390 cals in this example. Whereas in contrast half a packet of Oreos would be viewed as a total disaster. One is laden with guilt, the other you barely notice. Neither is a great approach – the important thing is to be aware of the calories in what you’re eating. This means you need to consider all the little extras you might not think of as important, but equally means you need to remove the guilt from some perceived ‘disasters’ – as they’re often not as bad as you actually think!

As always knowledge is power! If you know what you’re eating you can have whatever you want and make it fit your goals!




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