Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: Get back on track

Tuesday tip: Get back on track 🚂

One of the most important things about trying to lose weight/fat is to accept that you’re not always going to be perfect. There will always be days when you end up eating more, when you can’t control your choices easily, when you just crave a takeaway or chocolate or whatever it is. If you go over your calories it doesn’t mean your whole progress is lost, it doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t ‘ruin your diet’. Just get back on track. Draw a line under it, and get back on it the next day. One day of over eating won’t ruin weeks or months of work.

However on the flip side, if you really want to make progress you can’t do it every week. If you find you’re in the habit of letting it all go out the window over the weekend, but thinking it’s ok because you’ll get back on track on Monday then it might be worth stepping back and thinking about what you’re doing. Yes it’s vital to get back on track but it’s also important to maintain some consistency. You can’t use every weekend, every social situation, every bad day as an excuse to over eat on the basis that you’ll get back on track on Monday. If you’re doing that 2 or 3 days a week you won’t make progress. At the end of the day there has to be some sacrifice. Yes you can enjoy whatever you want to eat or drink, but it does have to be in moderation, if you want to lose weight/fat. You’re going to have to make some changes somewhere.

So just be careful – yes, be kind to yourself and if you have a blip then you definitely can and should just get back on track. But if you’re doing it every weekend and using it as an excuse then you may need to rethink your approach to those days. You definitely don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to aim for some level of consistency. Or perhaps you need to accept that now isn’t the time to be trying to reduce your calories to lose weight and make peace with that. Which is also totally ok too!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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