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Tuesday Tip: Just Eat Less

Tuesday Tip: Just Eat Less 🍟

If you want to lose weight/fat but don’t know where to start the simplest thing to do is – just eat less! No I’m not being facetious – just bear with me here.

As you will no doubt have realised from my posts the key to losing weight/fat is by being in calorie deficit. Obviously one really good way to do this is by counting calories. But this may not be something you want to do or feel ready to do for whatever reason.

So the simplest way to achieve a calorie deficit, without following some unsustainable diet trend, going on a ‘detox’ or excluding food groups is to eat exactly what you’re eating now…. But just eat less of it!

So instead of having seconds at dinner, just have one plate of food, instead of having 2 pieces of chicken thigh, have 1, instead of snacking on 4 biscuits, have 2, drop to one milky coffee a day instead of three… etc etc.

Just these simple changes will probably save you at least 400-800 calories a day (if not more). Best of all you probably won’t notice the changes either.

You could also try some lower calorie swaps – you still don’t need to count calories to do this. You can swap cooking oil for a one cal

spray, swap crisps for pop chips, swap chocolate digestives for custard creams, swap red wine for a slimline gin and tonic etc

Trying to lose weight/fat can seem really overwhelming and complicated at first but it doesn’t need to be. Keep it simple and you’ll see progress!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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