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What you think weight loss involves…and what it actually involves…

What you think weight loss involves…and what it actually involves… 🥗

There are many misconceptions about what you need to do to lose weight or fat. You’ll hear lots of people saying you need to ‘eat clean’, cut out carbs, do a detox, have a juice cleanse, avoid sugar and bad foods, and stop snacking etc. However it’s really far more straight forward than that.

There are no magic pills, no secret cleanses or detoxes. There’s definitely no need to exclude food groups. There is no such thing as ‘clean’ food – it’s a totally meaningless term – and bears very little relationship to weight/fat loss. No foods are inherently bad – rather it’s the quantity of them that you eat that makes them better or worse than others. Snacking is also not inherently bad or a barrier to weight loss, in fact strategic snacking can help you lose weight.

Ultimately it all comes down to calories. However you choose to achieve it you need a calorie deficit to lose weight/fat. Now it may be that reducing certain foods in your diet help you achieve this e.g. reducing the portion size of pasta, swapping some snacks for lower calorie options, or reducing alcohol intake. But you don’t need to cut them out completely. You also can’t guarantee weight loss via ‘clean’ eating – as often those ‘clean’ foods are high in calories (e.g. avocado, nuts, smoothies etc). That’s not to say they’re ‘bad’ – they obviously have lots of benefits in terms of nutrients but the calories still count.

If you want to achieve life long, sustainable weight loss then no diet fad /pills/ detoxes or exclusion diets will work long term. Instead focus on moderation, calorie awareness and incorporating all the foods you enjoy within a balanced diet!


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