Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Estimating amounts is hard…

Estimating amounts is hard…. 🥪

I’m always telling my clients to try to be as accurate as possible when they’re tracking their food and calories. This means actually weighing things – particularly anything that is calorie dense.

Very often people tell me that they’re “pretty good” at estimating the amounts they’re having, that they have the same thing each day so they know what it looks like now, that they can estimate pretty well etc. I’m sure some can, but I know I can’t. I can at first but then often amounts creep up without you even realising it.

In this example on the left is 5g butter on an 80 cal slice of white toast, on the right is the same toast with 15g butter!

As you can see they look pretty similar to the naked eye, yet the calorie difference is significan. It would be very easy to assume you were using around 5g butter but actually be using closer to 15g or more! It may not matter now and then but these calories do add up. And if that’s just butter, what about other things? With less calorie dense foods it won’t matter as much but with calorie dense foods (e.g. nut butters, spreads, cheese, avocado etc) when you get it wrong you’re adding a large number of calories. This is also why measure like “a scape of butter are no good – what’s a scrape? my scrape may not be your scrape etc

So if you are trying to lose fat/watching your calories maybe it’s time to go back and get those scales out and double check those estimates and see if you really are as good as you think you are.



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