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Just a Coffee …and a snack’

‘Just a Coffee …and a snack’ ☕️

Perception is everything! Many of us would probably have a coffee and a snack without giving it a huge amount of thought – a latte and a granola slice (healthy right?) is fine for an afternoon snack. Yet if you’d wolfed down 2 jam doughnuts you might be feeling guilty, like you’d over down it and you may even refer to it as a binge.

To be honest neither is an ideal snack – they’re both a decent number of calories and probably more than most can afford as a daily snack. However, as you can see, the coffee and granola slice is considerably more calories than the two doughnuts. They also contain significantly more fat and sugar. So whilst you might be beating yourself up over the doughnuts, in reality it’s not as bad as the coffee and snack.

It’s all about perception – the coffee and granola slice are not only viewed as being an acceptable snack, there is also a positive perception around the granola slice as it contains nuts (good fats, protein etc) and dried fruit (nutrient rich). Whereas the doughnuts are universally recognised as “junk” food.

Knowledge is power so being aware of the calorie content of things, and also of our own perceptions of the things we consume is always a good thing.

If you want the latte and granola slice- have it and enjoy it. If you want to eat your way through two jam doughnuts then go for it. Just be aware of the calories so you’re making an educated choice!



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