Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Stop Evening Snacking

Tuesday Tip: Stop Evening Snacking 🍪

One issue my clients often ask for help with is snacking at night or after dinner. It’s something that I think we probably all do at some point (it’s definitely my issue too!) and can totally blow your calories for the day. It can also often lead to feelings of guilt or shame that you’ve ‘ruined’ your diet and a ‘f*ck it’ attitude for the rest of the week etc.

So here are some tips to help.

Often post dinner snacking can be a result of being too restrictive earlier in the day. Try spreading your calories out across the day so you aren’t starving by the time dinner rolls around.

Factor in a dessert or snack you enjoy for after your dinner e.g. if chocolate is your thing then include a small chocolate bar, or a chocolate mousse etc. Get it out with your main and then don’t go back to the fridge/cupboard afterwards. Knowing you can have it and planning it ahead often helps.

Ensure your meals throughout the day, especially dinner, are high in fibre and protein. This will help to keep you fuller and more satisfied.

Drink! Not booze but water, herbal teas or zero calorie drinks. Fill up with low cal liquids with your dinner. Aside from making sure the ‘hunger’ isn’t just thirst, the feeling of fullness will help prevent over eating.

Break the habit cycle – if you always sit on the sofa, tv on, snack in hand then try to change that association. Read a book, sit in a different place, go for a post dinner walk, call a friend etc. Also try things which distract you and keep your hands busy e.g. adult colouring books, knitting, crosswords etc.

Make yourself wait. If you really want that snack tell yourself you can have it, in 20 mins, if you still want it then. Often by then the craving will have passed.

If all else fails, brush your teeth! Apart from the minty taste probably making you not want to snack, the act of brushing your teeth signals the end of the day and the end of any eating so it can be a great way to stop you snacking further.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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