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Milk it!

Milk it! 🥛

With so many different milks on the markets nowadays there is often a little confusion over which type is “best”. Now obviously if you are vegan or lactose intolerant (a medically diagnosed intolerance) then clearly cow’s milk will be off the menu. Some people also have to avoid soya products for medical reasons. But on the assumption you’re able to have all of these milks then which is the “healthiest” for weight loss?

Well it won’t surprise you to know that it comes down to calories when we’re talking weight/fat loss. There is an assumption that because plant based milks are promoted as “healthy” that they must therefore be the lowest calorie option. In reality there’s a fair bit of variation so it’s worth exploring the options.

When it comes to cow’s milk whole milk is 68 cals per 100ml, semi-skimmed 47 cals and skimmed 35 cals. The lactose free varieties are 56, 38 and 29 cals respectively. Coconut milk is 53 cals per 100 ml, whilst normal soya milk is 39 cals (there are also various sweetened/flavoured options which are obviously more) ,and the light soya milk is 22 cals. Rice milk comes in at 47 cals with oat milk quite similar at 44 cals. Normal almond milk is 22 cals but the lowest out there is the sugar-free almond milk at 13 cals per 100 ml!

These differences are quite small overall. However if you’re a heavy coffee/tea drinker or use large quantities in smoothies or with cereal then making a swap to a lower calorie milk can actually make some easy savings for you. If it’s only about calories then the sugar free almond milk is a good option. But every one of these milks tastes slightly different, and reacts differently in different drinks so it’s worth experimenting. There are also other blends out there – coconut and rice combined, quinoa milk etc. You can now also get many of these options in cafes too – but do we aware that the cafe milks are often the sweetened or full fat versions.



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