Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Expectation Setting

Tuesday Tip: Expectation Setting 🤔

When you head into a new health and fitness regime or “diet” it’s really important to make sure your expectations are set at the right level. Relying on things which promise quick fixes and instant results can make everything much harder on yourself. So whilst it might seem tempting to choose some detox/cleanse/supplement that promises results in 3-4 weeks, in the long term this can impact negatively on your relationship with food, your hormones, your metabolism, your body image and your mental health.

Long term sustainable changes aren’t quick, they take months and even years. So rather than looking for the “easy”, fast option to throw money at, instead look for a long term, sustainable solution – which works for you. This will usually include:

⁃ Consistency – over weeks/months – not days.

⁃ Persistence – sticking with it for a significant period of time, despite fluctuations in weight/fat, good days/ bad days etc.

⁃ Small habit changes – things you can change, for life, not for a few weeks.

⁃ Balance – finding how to balance things for you, working out what’s more important to you and how to work that into your new lifstyle e.g. the friday night meal out may be non negotiable so including that in a way that still lets you reach your desired goal.

⁃ Deciding on your priorities – ultimately it’s up to you to make any health/diet changes a priority and it may be that right now they’re not – and that’s ok, but be honest about it. If now isn’t the right time to make changes to your lifestyle then recognise that it simply isn’t a priority right now.

⁃ Mindset changes – this could be moving away from the “f*ck it” attitude when you have a “bad” day, or it could be reframing how you view meals out and whether you want to spend your calories on multiple courses, or it could be about embracing the small positive changes you achieve etc

There’s no quick fix, there’s no cleanse, detox or juice that can get you where you want to be (and more importantly staying there forever), recognise that change takes time and occurs in small steps ,not giant leaps! Get those expectations in order!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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