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“But I need to have a protein shake to get enough protein…”

“But I need to have a protein shake to get enough protein…” 🥤

I’ve talked about whether you really need protein shakes or not before. There’s often an assumption that to get “enough” protein when you’re working out that you need to start having protein shakes. I’ve spoken about these before but this is a nice illustration of why they’re not really necessary for most people unless you actually want to have them.

Protein itself is essential, especially for maintaining and building muscle, so it helps with recovery and is also great at keeping you feeling full. But most people’s diet includes more than enough protein as it is and it’s pretty easy for most people to eat the required amount, with no shakes or powders required. Unless you’re an olympic athlete or a serious body builder you won’t need to be taking in excessive amounts of protein anyway. If you do however want to have a protein-rich snack or meal then a great option is 0% greek yoghurt – same calories as a generic protein powder serving and actually has more protein! And for many people it’s a nicer option than a shake. And it’s real food which is also an added bonus (plus it’s delicious with fresh fruit).

So if you don’t fancy protein shakes you definitely don’t need them! If you like them and they’re a handy way to get a snack in then go for it though! Just don’t believe the marketing hype!

Enjoy 🤗 xx

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