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‘I’ve switched to dark chocolate because it’s healthier ’…..

‘I’ve switched to dark chocolate because it’s healthier ’….. 🍫

Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate because it’s healthier right? So it must be better for weight loss right? Maybe not! There is some merit to choosing dark chocolate over other types in terms of some minor nutritional benefits. Dark chocolate provides more antioxidants, whilst tending to contain less sugar, but when it comes to calories you’re often taking on far more than you would have with a typical ‘unhealthy’ chocolate bar. And let’s be honest – even dark chocolate is still a treat so if that’s you’re main source of antioxidants then you probably need to rethink your diet.

Chocolate is not a ‘healthy’ food, but neither is it an ‘unhealthy’ food – it’s just a food to be enjoyed in moderation. As you can see the calories in dairy milk are actually lower than the same quantity of Lindt dark chocolate. So if you love dark chocolate – great! Have it. If you love milk chocolate – have it! If you’re trying to lose fat just ensure you factor it in to your calories and you’ll be fine. But if you’re tucking in to dark chocolate thinking it’s healthy and not even considering the calories it contains you may want to think again.

And if you’re eating it when you don’t like it just because it’s ‘healthy’ then don’t bother – if you want some chocolate have the type you want, in moderation as part of a balanced diet 🤗 🍫

Enjoy xx

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