Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Avoid Overeating

Tuesday Tip: Avoid Overeating 🍔

We all overeat sometimes, it’s natural, but we can learn to spot the triggers to prevent it happening.

# 1 Friends and family

They often encourage you to ‘just have one more’ or question your choices. It’s tough, but be polite but firm. After a few occasions they’ll accept your choices and may even join you!

# 2 Crockery

Larger plates lead to larger portions. An easy tactic is to go for a smaller plate to reduce your portions.

# 3 Tiredness

Tiredness leads to overeating as a pick me up and is often mistaken for hunger. Focus on getting quality sleep, and if you’re tired pack healthy snacks in advance to stop you going for the easy fix.

# 4 Boredom

Try to focus on the root of the problem; distract yourself, call someone, go for a walk, read a magazine, anything that stops you raiding the fridge.

# 5 Booze

Booze makes you less likely to feel full and likely to reach for salty, fatty snacks, which then make you drink more, leading to more snacks. Plus you’re likely to overeat the following day. Alternate booze with water, have a proper meal rather than endless snacks, and get straight back to normal eating the next day.

# 6 Thirst

Thirst is often confused for hunger. Always have a large glass of water before you eat anything to check you really are hungry.

# 7 Gulping food

It takes 20 mins for the body to recognise it’s full. So chew each mouthful longer, or put the cutlery down between bites to slow you down.

# 8 Blown it

One small slip and we’ve blown it so we may as well go mad and eat the world! Stop and remind yourself that one small slip is better than a massive binge!

# 9 Feeling deprived

If you’re cutting foods you love out then you’re liable to fall off the wagon. Incorporate everything you like in moderation and factor larger treats in to your weekly calories.

# 10 Starting tomorrow

When you tell yourself you’ll start your diet tomorrow you’re far more likely to over eat today, as a ‘last chance’ to eat whatever you want. So instead start at your next meal!

Do you recognise any of these triggers in yourselves? I certainly do! That’s the first step to changing things!

Happy Tuesday

🤗 xx

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