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The healthy smoothie deception…

The healthy smoothie deception…. 🥤

You’d probably consider grabbing a bottle of some fruit based smoothie as a healthy option. It may be something you’d grab to go with your sandwich at lunch etc. It seems perfectly reasonable and it’s marketed as 2 of your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

On the other hand if I suggested you grab a punnet of strawberries, one and a half apples, a quarter of an orange, a handful of black currants, a bunch of grapes and two bananas to go with your sandwich you’d probably think I’d gone mad! However that’s exactly what you’re doing when you grab a bottle of fruit smoothie.

It would actually be pretty hard to eat that quantity of fruit alongside your lunch without feeling very full, yet we can easily guzzle down 390 cals of smoothie? The fruit itself is virtually the same amount of calories – so what’s the difference?

The difference is bulk, mainly from fibre. The fibre you get in whole fruit is what makes it almost impossible to eat the same quantity of fruit as is in the smoothie. The smoothie strips almost all that fibre out so all you’re getting is sugar and the micronutrients.

There’s nothing wrong with having the smoothie if you want it, and have the calories for it in your day, but I think it is worth stopping and considering the quantity of fruit it compares to. And perhaps if you want something healthy to go with your lunch grabbing a punnet of strawberries instead? 🤗xx

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