Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Managing Cravings

Tuesday Tip: Managing Cravings 🍕

Food cravings happen for many reasons -stress, boredom, habit, hydration, hormones and blood sugar levels but are most common when intake is restricted or in response to feelings (postive or negative ones). So how can we cope with cravings when they arise?

#1 No Restrictions

When we make something off limits it can set you up to binge on it later. Allow yourself smaller indulgences  and plan it in. If you love chocolate work it in to your daily calories and enjoy it, rather than cutting it totally out for 5 days and then bingeing on it at the weekend. 

#2 Hungry or Emotional?

Real hunger tends to come on gradually, doesn’t have the urgency to eat “RIGHT NOW”, and means you’ll eat whatever is available. Emotional hunger comes on quickly, with an urgent need to eat “NOW”, is often a desire for a specific food and leaves you feeling guilty. Take a moment, and if you still want that food, then eat and enjoy it slowly and don’t feel guilty. 

#3 Real deal

When you really want chocolate no amount of alternative snacks are going to cut it, so have some chocolate, just plan it, track it and enjoy it! There are also some great low calorie options that can satisfy cravings just as well e.g. Halo top ice cream vs a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is a great way to have what you want and save 800 cals! 

#4 Be mindful

If you’ve been craving a glass or wine or chocolate all day, then when you have it take time and enjoy it. Be mindful, rather than stuffing it down in 20 secs as you walk in the door. Turn off the distractions and focus on enjoying the food or drink.

#5 Plan

If you crave pizza then plan in a pizza and movie night etc. Planning ahead means you can work it in to your calories for the week, makes it enjoyable and removes the temptation to just grab it on the way home. I ask my clients to log the cals in advance so they can then adjust their calories on the days either side to buffer treats.

#6 Alternatives

If you tend to crave sweet stuff then strawberries, pineapple, mango etc are brilliant options to give a low cal sweet fix with less of a sugar rush. If it’s savoury stuff you crave then flavoured rice cakes or pop chips are a fab option at a fraction of the calories.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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