Craving Beating Pud – Chocolate Greek Yoghurt Your Way!

This is one of my favourite desserts (or even a mid afternoon snack!). It’s like having a huge chocolate mousse! It’s creamy and sweet, and perfect for combatting sugar cravings – especially after dinner. Its really filling too (as the Greek yoghurt is high in protein) which means you’re less likely to go on to graze on more snacks afterwards. It’s also really quick and easy to prepare.

You can make whatever flavour you like – I’ve done a chocolate one and a white chocolate and raspberry one, but the world is your oyster! If you use cocoa powder you will find it needs sweetening – so for that i use either a low calorie jam (my favourite is the skinny food co Jam – only 7 cals for a tbsp and they also do flavour syrups too I’d that’s your thing – check them out here : The skinny food co) or you can use some honey etc or some stewed fruit.

You can also customise toppings – sometimes I have it without, or I use a few chocolate chips (I happened to have white cooking chocolate chips in the cupboard so used those), or a little sprinkle of cereal (Rice Krispies, cocoa pops etc work well).

Calories vary depending a little on what flavour, fruit and toppings you use but you’re looking at roughly 160 – 250 cals.

Chocolate bowl

You will need:

125g 0 percent Greek Yoghurt – I prefer ‘Total’

1 serving of hot chocolate powder (options works well) OR 1 large tbsp cocoa powder (adjust cocoa powder for taste – I also like to add a little cocoa powder as well as the hot choc for added calorie free richness)

A handful of mixed berries (around 120g) – I like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

A few chocolate chips (or choice of topping)

Sweetener if required

Place the hot choc powder or cocoa powder in a bowl.

Add the Greek yoghurt

Using a spoon just mix the cocoa powder/hot choc into the Greek yoghurt (it may look like it’s going to be too dry but keep going). ‘Whip’ it up by mixing well so it’s nice and creamy and the powder is fully incorporated. Taste a little and if needed you can add something to sweeten it (honey, maple syrup, zero calorie syrup, low cal jam etc).

Add the berries.

Sprinkle over your topping of choice and enjoy! 🙂

White chocolate and raspberry

You will need:

125g 0 percent Greek Yoghurt – I prefer ‘Total’

1 serving of white hot chocolate powder (options works well)

A handful of mixed berries (around 120g) – I like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

1 tbsp low calorie jam (I use skinny food co raspberry jam : The skinny food co

A few white chocolate chips

Place the hot choc powder or cocoa powder in a bowl.

Add the Greek yoghurt.

Using a spoon just mix the hot choc into the Greek yoghurt (it may look like it’s going to be too dry but keep going). ‘Whip’ it up by mixing well so it’s nice and creamy and the powder is fully incorporated.

Add the jam and swirl it through the yoghurt.

Add the fruit and sprinkle the white choc chips over the top.


🙂 xx

Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Managing Cravings

Tuesday Tip: Managing Cravings 🍕

Food cravings happen for many reasons -stress, boredom, habit, hydration, hormones and blood sugar levels but are most common when intake is restricted or in response to feelings (postive or negative ones). So how can we cope with cravings when they arise?

#1 No Restrictions

When we make something off limits it can set you up to binge on it later. Allow yourself smaller indulgences  and plan it in. If you love chocolate work it in to your daily calories and enjoy it, rather than cutting it totally out for 5 days and then bingeing on it at the weekend. 

#2 Hungry or Emotional?

Real hunger tends to come on gradually, doesn’t have the urgency to eat “RIGHT NOW”, and means you’ll eat whatever is available. Emotional hunger comes on quickly, with an urgent need to eat “NOW”, is often a desire for a specific food and leaves you feeling guilty. Take a moment, and if you still want that food, then eat and enjoy it slowly and don’t feel guilty. 

#3 Real deal

When you really want chocolate no amount of alternative snacks are going to cut it, so have some chocolate, just plan it, track it and enjoy it! There are also some great low calorie options that can satisfy cravings just as well e.g. Halo top ice cream vs a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is a great way to have what you want and save 800 cals! 

#4 Be mindful

If you’ve been craving a glass or wine or chocolate all day, then when you have it take time and enjoy it. Be mindful, rather than stuffing it down in 20 secs as you walk in the door. Turn off the distractions and focus on enjoying the food or drink.

#5 Plan

If you crave pizza then plan in a pizza and movie night etc. Planning ahead means you can work it in to your calories for the week, makes it enjoyable and removes the temptation to just grab it on the way home. I ask my clients to log the cals in advance so they can then adjust their calories on the days either side to buffer treats.

#6 Alternatives

If you tend to crave sweet stuff then strawberries, pineapple, mango etc are brilliant options to give a low cal sweet fix with less of a sugar rush. If it’s savoury stuff you crave then flavoured rice cakes or pop chips are a fab option at a fraction of the calories.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: How to curb sugar cravings

Tuesday Tip: How to curb sugar cravings 🍬

Although as I said last week, sugar isn’t the devil, and won’t make you fat (excess cals do), those sugar cravings can still lead you to over eat. Sugar cravings can hit even when you’ve had a satisfying meal, so here are some foods to help curb those cravings.

#1 Fruit

Fresh fruit – specifically strawberries, raspberries, pineapples etc are a great option. They’re low cal, and contain fibre (unlike fruit juice) which slows the absorption of the fruit sugars. Have them with greek yoghurt after dinner for a creamy snack, or blend with a frozen banana for an ice cream like dessert!

# Almonds

Full of protein and fats, they not only fill you up but help to control blood sugar so can reduce cravings. They keep you fuller for longer meaning you’re less likely to have an energy slump and reach for the junk.

# Pumpkin seeds

Rich in magnesium, as well as protein, fibre and fats, these are a great option if you’re craving chocolate. Often chocolate cravings can be linked to lower magnesium levels. Toast them with cinnamon for a tasty snack.

# Greek yoghurt

Rich in protein and good fats – again this will keep you fuller. It can help to support your gut’s natural bacteria, as recent studies have shown some sugar cravings are linked to imbalanced gut microbiomes. Plus it feels like a treat as it’s creamy and decadent. Mix with berries for the win!

# Apples or celery with peanut butter

A combo of fibre in the celery or apple, and the protein and fat in the peanut butter make this a great option to help beat cravings. The apple sweetness will help too. Particularly good as a mid afternoon snack or before an evening workout.

So the perfect way to help those cravings is probably my current favourite dessert – a big bowl of berries and pineapple, a dollop of greek yoghurt, tsp of peanut butter and then a sprinkle of seeds and nuts (not too many mind!) – smooth, creamy, sweet and a little crunch from the nuts – perfect!

Try it and see what you think!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: Perfect Pineapple

Tuesday tip: Perfect Pineapple 🍍

Last week I talked about beating sugar cravings by increasing fruit intake (amongst other things) and an ideal fruit to have is pineapple! It’s one of my fave fruits and here’s why!

# 1 Guilt-free – it’s low calories, fat free and low in sodium with only 82 cals per serving. It’s a great sweet snack to curb those cravings

# 2 Boost immunity – pineapple contains half your daily recommended dose of vitamin C. This boosts your immune system, prevents heart disease and joint pains and helps prevent colds and flu.

# 3 Bone strength – pineapples contain 75% of the daily recommended dose of manganese, an essential mineral for developing strong bones and connective tissue. Recent studies suggest it also prevents osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, so even more reason to enjoy it.

# 4 Eye Health – pineapples help reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease that affects the eyes as people age. It’s a great source of beta-carotene for eye health too.

# 5 Gut health – pineapples are rich in fibre which is essential for intestinal health and linked to reduced risk of colon and bowel cancer and reduces constipation.

# 6 Respiratory health – pineapples contain enzymes called bromelain, which have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They help ease respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies and coughs. They also have mucolytic properties to break up and expel mucus.

# 7 General inflammation – those same bromelains have an anti-inflammatory effect on the rest of the body too – helping with muscle recovery and joint protection

So eat it as it is, throw it in a smoothie? Or grill it for a delicious carameliased dessert but get snacking on some pineapple this week!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Combat sugar cravings

Tuesday Tip: Combat sugar cravings 🍬

Reducing sugar has loads of health benefits: boosting the immune system, improving mood and helping reduce calorie intake. But it’s hard to cut back and beat the cravings for sweet things. So after Easter (and no doubt a lot of sugar!) I thought I’d offer tips to combat those cravings.

#1 Regular meals – have balanced meals spread throughout the day to avoid getting overly hungry and reaching for a sugar fix. Ensure meals have a combination of protein, fats and fibre to keep you satisfied.

#2 Sleep – I’ve talked before about how important sleep is. Less sleep means more hunger hormone ghrelin is produced, so you’re likely to eat more. If you’re not getting enough sleep you’re also likely to reach for a sugar high to get you through your day.

#3 Boost natural sugars – try to up your intake of fruits and sweet vegetables early in the day to combat later cravings. Try berries, applies, sweet potato, beetroot etc, but eat them rather than drink their juice. It’s the fibre in them that helps to slow sugar absorption, thereby avoiding the sugar high and subsequent crash.

#4 Boost gut bacteria – recent research shows that gut bacteria affects which foods you crave. Fermented foods like yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi etc actually reduce sugar cravings. They contain probiotics which supplement “good” bacteria in your gut and help them multiply.

#5 Eat Bitter foods – this is a toughie but bitterness counteracts sweet cravings. When you’re dying for something sweet if you can have something bitter instead it will reduce your craving. Things like grapefruit, rocket, radicchio, radishes and kale are good (try kale “crisps” as an easy snack option). Also after eating bitter food sweet foods taste even sweeter which means you can satisfy the craving with less sugar. So something like an apple will satisfy you when usually it wouldn’t.

Your taste buds regenerate every 3 weeks or so, so the longer you reduce your sugar intake and consume more bitter foods, the fewer sweet-craving taste buds you’ll have left making it easier in the long term.

So time to pair all that left over choc with a nice bowl of kale!

Happy Tuesday 🤗