Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Brown carbs aren’t better

Tuesday Tip: Brown carbs aren’t better 🍞

Most people feel like they’re being healthier if they’re having brown rice, pasta or bread rather than white. However is it actually that much better?

White grain products have just had the outer layer of the grain removed – in most cases this doesn’t remove that much in terms of nutrition. In terms of calories both products tend to be the same, sometimes the white version is lower in cals so if you’re tracking your intake then it can be a way to cut some cals. But what about fibre I hear you cry? Well most brown rice for example only actually has 1 percent more fibre than white rice. If you’re already having a balanced diet then you’re better off simply choosing the one you prefer the taste of.

Now that’s not to say there are no benefits at all to brown carbs. Often the brown versions may have added extras that increase the nutritiousness e.g comparing white and normal brown bread reveals little differences in nutritional profile, but compare white with a seeded or granary loaf and you’ll find additional benefits from the seeds etc (good fats and more

Fibre). But of course this also means more calories. Increased fibre can help keep you fuller for longer as well.

If you do want to go for higher fibre options choose the wholegrain versions. Do bear in mind that words like ‘wholesome’, ‘seeded’, ‘multigrain’, ‘brown’ etc don’t necessarily mean wholegrain – there’s no legal requirement in the UK to have wholegrains in the product to use those descriptions.

Bottom line – check the labels and look at the actual fibre content. Ultimately if you enjoy the taste brown carbs then go for them – I happen to love the taste of brown rice regardless, but if you’re not a fan and were only eating them because you thought they were a better option then maybe go back to the white stuff for enjoyment and lower calories (in some cases) and just ensure you’re getting your fibre from the rest of your diet.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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