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‘Healthy’ rice cakes vs ‘naughty’ chocolate….

‘Healthy’ rice cakes vs ‘naughty’ chocolate…. 🍫

We all have cravings for certain foods or drinks at certain times. It may be for chocolate, biscuits, cheese, toast, wine – etc, whatever it is it’s usually perceived as a “naughty” food.

If you’re trying to lose fat/weight then when a chocolate craving hits you may avoid it at all costs. Why? because it’s “naughty”. It’s not a snack packed with protein or fats, or vitamins or all those things we know we should be eating. It’s full of sugar (omg!) so it is definitely evil and must be avoided at all costs…..So you avoid it. But you’ve heard rice cakes are a healthy snack and there are some dark chocolate covered ones so you have 3 of them instead and feel virtuous.

Whilst they’re pretty tasty you didn’t really

went a dark chocolate rice cake – you wanted some dairy milk! But it’s ok cos at least you’ve made a good decision in terms

of your weight loss goals…. Or have you ?

A 45g bar of dairymilk is 240 cals, whereas 3 dark chocolate rice cakes are 243 cals (and they come in a packet of 6 so if you’re anything like me you’d probably have the whole packet). So you haven’t actually saved yourself anything by avoiding the chocolate – you’ve just made yourself miserable for no reason.

So, if you are craving chocolate then maybe just have it! You don’t need to earn it. You don’t need to justify it. Funnily enough, the more you label foods as ‘naughty’ and try to avoid these foods, the more power and the more the craving you’ll have for them. When you enjoy the foods you crave or want to eat without guilt, they begin to lose their power over you and your urge to overeat them diminishes. Over time, you’re able to eat anything, without eating everything.

Enjoy 🤗 Xx

2 thoughts on “‘Healthy’ rice cakes vs ‘naughty’ chocolate….”

  1. When it comes to the health value of certain foods, we need to look past the surface. A closer look at nutritional facts will show that “healthy” alternatives aren’t as good for us as promoted. Thanks for sharing!

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