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If you want to lose weight… be boring!

If you want to lose weight… be boring! 🥱

I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear – but to be totally honest, the best way to actually see long term sustainable results when it comes to weight loss is to be really… boring!

When we start a new weight loss journey we expect it to be super exciting – and the act itself is – it’s exciting to be investing in yourself and your health – no question! But we also expect the day to day aspects of it to be exciting too – which is one reason trendy diets are so enticing. Exciting new meals, an exciting complex exercise regime full of weird and wonderful new exercises, exciting special supplements/drinks etc.

The reality is though that what really works is consistency and the best way to achieve that is by becoming more ‘boring’! And no I don’t mean you can’t go out and have fun or socialise – that’s still totally doable. What I mean is you need to eat roughly the same things at roughly the same times, do the same basic exercises/classes at the same times, go to bed and wake up at the same times, have the same morning routine etc (i.e. build habits and routine). So for example those that have most success will tend to have a base of say 10-20 meals that they like and enjoy that fit within their calories and they’ll stick to them. They’ll have a straightforward workout schedule of say 3/4 classes/sessions a week, focusing on the same basic exercises, they’ll have a similar sleep routine and morning routine most days. Obviously they’ll be days they go off piste but 80-90 percent of the time they are sticking to their routine.

Consistency over time is what achieves and sustains results. If you want to lose weight you have to work on habits and routines that support the new lower weight goal. Also by being ‘boring’ you also remove the ‘decision fatigue’ – so it becomes second nature. You don’t need to waste energy and time figuring out what to do all the time. You can focus your energy elsewhere.

So have a think – if you’re at the end of January and don’t feel you’re progressing maybe you need to embrace being ‘boring’ instead and simplify things!




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