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Consistency over Perfection….

Consistency over Perfection…. 🙌🏼

This time of year in particular there’s often a really gung ho attitude to weight loss. It’s understandable – new year, new you and it’s natural to want to have a clean start. However it’s worth just taking a step back and considering your approach. On the left is the person who is all about perfection. January 1st hits and they are 100% on it – they start a new fitness plan/ diet and go all out. They drastically cut calories, cut out all what they consider ‘bad’ foods, don’t go out, exercise 7 days a week. They make quick progress to start with but they eventually either hit a wall and their energy and enthusiasm drops, or ‘life’ happens – a social event they can’t get out of, they get sick, a stressful event etc etc. They ‘fall off the wagon’ and overeat or miss a workout etc and that’s it – they can’t be perfect so what’s the point? Progress stalls and they give up.

On the right is the person who starts slow. They make some small sustainable changes – a reasonable calorie deficit they can stick to, they include all the foods they enjoy within that, they exercise 3 times a week because that’s what they can fit into their life, they socialise but limit damage when they do. They also have ‘bad’ days, and ‘life’ happens too but when they ‘fall off the wagon’ they get back on track the next day.

They don’t make progress as fast, but they’ve made sensible, sustainable choices they can stick to so over the longer term they actually make more progress – that lasts.

Being consistent trumps being perfect over time – because no one can maintain perfection every day, every week and every month. Being ‘good enough’ consistently is how true, long lasting sustainable progress happens. So resist the temptation and go for the slow burn!


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