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Just a Coffee on the way to work …

Just a Coffee on the way to work … ☕️

Perception is everything! Grabbing a coffee on the way to work, or in a break, is something many of us do without giving it a huge amount of thought. Yet if you’d grabbed a doughnut as a ‘naughty’ breakfast you might be feeling guilty, like you’d over done it and blown your ‘diet’.

Well to be honest neither is an ideal breakfast; the coffee is a mocha and is 300 calories, whilst the jam doughnut is 245 cals. Neither is a huge amount of calories for breakfast but neither will keep you full for long. The coffee, however, is more likely to be ‘forgotten’ about when it comes keeping track of your calories. You’ll probably feel like it’s just a coffee so not worth tracking. The doughnut however is often perceived as an awful thing to have eaten and more likely to derail you from your fitness goals. We often forget liquid calories – and if you were having one every day on the way to work that’s 1500 extra calories you might forget about.

It’s all about perception – the coffee is viewed as an acceptable thing to have in the morning on the way to work, whereas the other doughnut is universally recognised as “junk” food and labelled as “naughty”, despite it being fewer calories and you being less likely to have it every day.

Knowledge is power so being aware of the calorie content of things, and also of our own perceptions of the things we consume is always a good thing.

If you want the coffee then have it and enjoy it. If you want to have a doughnut for breakfast then go for it. Just be aware of the calories in both so you’re making an educated choice and remember to be mindful of those liquid calories



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