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Just a soft drink…

Just a soft drink… 🥤

If you’re hoping to lose weight or fat then you need to be in a calorie deficit i.e. consuming fewer calories than you use per day/week etc. If you want to do it in a sustainable way you need to be aiming for a deficit of around 200-300 cals a day. Whether you track your calories to achieve this, or whether you just reduce portion sizes/make lower calorie swaps etc most people are better at taking food into account e.g. the mid afternoon snack, the pizza for dinner, but very often we overlook the liquid calories.

You’d probably be pretty aware of the calories in a pizza express lasagne for example, and if not aware of the exact number you’d certainly realise it was a fairly high calorie meal. But would you be as aware of the calories in a soft drink like coke? It’s not unusual for people to have 1-3 glasses of something like this a day so it’s entirely possible you could drink a 1.75 litre bottle in a day or two. You may overlook including that in your calories and yet it’s actually more cals than a main lasagne!

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t have the coke – if you want it and like it then have it! Just be aware of the calories in it before you do. The same applies to juices, alcoholic drinks, coffees and teas (unless drunk black). If you’re not dead set on the coke then swap it for a zero calorie soft drink instead – it’s an easy win!

So if you’re tracking cals and hoping to lose fat make sure you include these, and if you’re just trying to cut some cals maybe they’re a good place to start being more mindful too?

Remember – ALL calories count! 🤗xx

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