Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Not quitting is success!

Tuesday Tip: Not quitting is success! 🙌🏼

I’ve noticed recently that many of my clients are beating themselves up about lack of progress or not being able to stick to their workouts or calories over the summer holidays: the overriding theme is that they feel like they’ve failed, that they’re not getting anywhere and that the only solution is to quit.

I think it’s worth reminding everyone that not quitting is in itself progress and success! Even if everything is proving difficult, if life is busy, if you’ve had too many social events to stay on track, etc that just doing anything, not matter how small, and not quitting is better than nothing! Give yourself a break. If you’re tired, lacking motivation, low in energy, fed up of feeling like you’re not getting anywhere – instead of giving up and quitting learn to rest.

Progress in anything in life is rarely linear. If you give up every time you don’t see what you view as progress then you’ll always be starting over again and again. Time will pass anyway and you’ll see even less progress. Recognise that resistance to quitting is progress in itself! Don’t give up! Just rest, regroup and keep going!

Happy Tuesday!🤗


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