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‘Unhealthy’ Nutella vs ‘healthy’ peanut butter …

‘Unhealthy’ Nutella vs ‘healthy’ peanut butter … 🥜🍫🍞

A pretty simple one today – peanut butter on toast is often viewed as a ‘healthier’ breakfast or snack option. This is due to the perception people have of it as a higher protein food source with ‘good’ fats. In contrast Nutella on toast is viewed as an ‘unhealthy’ or bad option.

In reality both are great brekkie options – they both contain a range of nutrients, protein, healthy fats, carbs and, if you like peanut butter and nutella then they both taste great!

However if you’re under the impression that the peanut butter option is better for weight loss then you may may wish to reconsider. The reality is that a 30g serving on a slice of sliced white farmhouse toast (without butter) is 286 cals vs only 262 for the Nutella. It also has considerably more fat. Ot does of course contain more protein but the Nutella on toast still has a reasonable amount given what it is – over 11g. The combination of fat, protein and carbs will help to keep you feeling full – but actually that will be the case with either option. The peanut butter contains a few more micronutrients but within the context of a balanced diet this won’t make much difference.

So if you enjoy a little Nutella on toast but have been avoiding it because you think it’s ‘unhealthy’ then go for it! If peanut blurted on toast is your thing then enjoy it, but just be aware of the calories they both contain if weight loss is your goal! 🥜 🍞 🍫



2 thoughts on “‘Unhealthy’ Nutella vs ‘healthy’ peanut butter …”

  1. It’s easy to see that while both Nutella and peanut butter have certain connotations to them, one may not be as harmful or healthy as expected. It’s a simple matter of knowing what you’re getting into from a nutritional standpoint.


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