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Ice creams / Lollies for 100 cals or less …

Ice creams / Lollies for 100 cals or less … 🍦

The weather has been extremely warm lately so Ice creams and lollies have certainly formed a large part of mine and my client’s diets! There’s a perception that ice creams / lollies are ‘bad’ and something that is a bit ‘naughty’ so if you’re trying to lose weight you might deny yourself these cooling treats believing them to be ‘bad’ (aka high calorie). However, there’s no reason you have to give up ice creams and ice lollies to lose weight as it ultimately comes down to whether you’re in a calorie deficit.

Obviously there are many frozen desserts out there which are high calorie and some can be 300 cals or more. So if they’re on top of your main meals then you might end up racking up unwanted calories. However in this weather everyone needs a cold snack or dessert right? So if you do fancy an ice cream or lolly, but want to stay within your calories then here are a selection of lower calorie options at 100 cals or less. This list is by no means exhaustive – but it’s just a range of the options out there.

Oppo Salted Caramel balls 20 cals each

Mini milk 32 cals

Rocket lolly 39 cals

Mini twister lolly 39 cals

Fruit pastille lolly 57 cals

Little moons mochi balls 70 cals each

Fab lolly 75 cals

Regular twister lolly 76 cals

Jude mini ice cream tubes 70

Jude mini ice creams 94 cals

Exotic Solero lolly 98 cals

Calipo Lolly 100 cals

So you can fill up on ice lollies to stay cool this summer without worrying it’s going to derail your progress!

Enjoy 🤗


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